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FTX has been hacked

2023-08-25 2 min read Magnetic_dud
Yesterday morning I woke up with bad news: Kroll, the security company that’s managing the bankruptcy process of FTX was hacked and the personal information of all users was stolen and leaked. “It’s almost not a big deal”, I tell myself, I didn’t provide the phone number and used a completely dedicated e-mail; so, once, it was all over I would just delete it. However, I did not consider what might happen during the process. Continue reading

The price of protection

2012-10-25 1 min read Magnetic_dud
Some time ago I bought a scalper EA. Recently it has been cracked (partially, it doesn’t authenticate with the server and doesn’t the right set file for the pair, giving to the pirate a big economic loss), hence its programmers decided to protect it with MQLLock, making it uncrackable (at least, in theory). How are the performances? Awful! After I installed the update, encrypted with MQLLock, it uses a lot of CPU share! Continue reading

History repeats again

2012-10-24 1 min read Magnetic_dud
I didn’t find a decent signal on ZuluTrade yet. I was following for333, on a live account, because it seemed that he wasn’t acting like those who insisted to trade on the same direction when something goes wrong, but this is the situation: He is gambling by trading in the same direction! Every trade is without stop loss, so the disaster is guaranteed!