ZuluTrade gets a facelift!

Today the new ZuluTrade website beta has been published.
To see it you have to login at https://v4.zulutrade.com
They not only changed the user interface, they also added a new nice feature: ZuluGuard, which can automatically disable “crazy” signals.

6 thoughts on “ZuluTrade gets a facelift!”

  1. I saw it today , i think new website is preetier than the previous version , though i'll need some time to get used to it , what about you?

    1. I didn't try it and I don't plan to use it. Losses are inevitable. If you disable a provider when it's losing, then enable when it's winning, you will end with a loss, because you will miss the winnings.
      Said that, the function will definitely help with high-risk providers, those who would open dozens of identical positions leading to thousands pips losses (or hundreds pips winning, according to their luck)

  2. Dont you think that it will help with signal providers that suddenly change their strategies and hunt comissions? Its like having a someone guarding you from insecure actions. If it hits then its better to disable the provider than to sink in a hole along with him.

    1. absolutely. After the change in the commission policy (they don't get paid if the month is not positive), I don't trust any providers: most of them are gambling near the end of the month, if they need a few pips more

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