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I'm done with the migration... finally?

2024-03-03 1 min read Magnetic_dud

I finally managed to end the migration from WordPress on the English website too. I took over one year because the old host wasn’t supporting CloudFlare and so I was stuck with WordPress 😅

Now that everything is static and there’s nowhere to login, the bots can continue to have fun bruteforcing /wp-admin for inexistant users.

Also, my server does not need to re-render the same page over and over and over to different users. Once I published, it’s done, the page it’s a static file that won’t be rendered anymore. Much faster 😎.

Except… I noticed that in the last year, the developer of my theme did some breaking changes, so I might need to carefully check what’s going on before approving the latest version upgrade. Namely, hyperlinked images aren’t supported anymore… hope I never used them anywhere in this blog…