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I'm done with the migration... finally?

2024-03-03 1 min read Magnetic_dud
I finally managed to end the migration from WordPress on the English website too. I took over one year because the old host wasn’t supporting CloudFlare and so I was stuck with WordPress 😅 Now that everything is static and there’s nowhere to login, the bots can continue to have fun bruteforcing /wp-admin for inexistant users. Also, my server does not need to re-render the same page over and over and over to different users. Continue reading

FTX has been hacked

2023-08-25 2 min read Magnetic_dud
Yesterday morning I woke up with bad news: Kroll, the security company that’s managing the bankruptcy process of FTX was hacked and the personal information of all users was stolen and leaked. “It’s almost not a big deal”, I tell myself, I didn’t provide the phone number and used a completely dedicated e-mail; so, once, it was all over I would just delete it. However, I did not consider what might happen during the process. Continue reading

Finally, the comments!

2023-08-23 1 min read Magnetic_dud
Finally after 6 months, blog comments are back! It took me an inordinate amount of time because I couldn’t find a platform I really liked. I will go into more detail in another post, but it was a bit of a nightmare for me. Too easy and I was swamped with spam. Too difficult and no one (not even me) was willing to register and validate the email for a quick comment. Continue reading

How to send yuan to China

2023-04-23 3 min read Magnetic_dud
I recently started using CSSBuy to bundle multiple orders from different Chinese sellers and ship one package while saving on shipping fees. If you want, they can also act as an intermediary between buyer and seller for translations and payments, however, in the end, if you make a lot of purchases the extra charges start to go up: The 6% for service, 4% to PayPal and especially the spread they charge on dollar/yuan conversion, which is 4. Continue reading

New platform!

2023-02-14 4 min read Magnetic_dud
I’ve been behind a redesign of the site for months and finally posted it today! This then is the version … 3.0? I think so. What was wrong with the old site? Nothing much… just that WordPress was irritating me! WordPress is convenient as a blogging platform: once installed just log in to add new posts, you don’t have to be an IT guy to write new content. Unfortunately, I must say that in recent times I have noticed a disturbing increase in traffic to my site from Russian IP addresses, which account for about 75% of the total traffic. Continue reading

ZuluTrade gets a facelift!

2012-10-29 1 min read Magnetic_dud
Today the new ZuluTrade website beta has been published. To see it you have to login at They not only changed the user interface, they also added a new nice feature: ZuluGuard, which can automatically disable “crazy” signals.

The price of protection

2012-10-25 1 min read Magnetic_dud
Some time ago I bought a scalper EA. Recently it has been cracked (partially, it doesn’t authenticate with the server and doesn’t the right set file for the pair, giving to the pirate a big economic loss), hence its programmers decided to protect it with MQLLock, making it uncrackable (at least, in theory). How are the performances? Awful! After I installed the update, encrypted with MQLLock, it uses a lot of CPU share! Continue reading

History repeats again

2012-10-24 1 min read Magnetic_dud
I didn’t find a decent signal on ZuluTrade yet. I was following for333, on a live account, because it seemed that he wasn’t acting like those who insisted to trade on the same direction when something goes wrong, but this is the situation: He is gambling by trading in the same direction! Every trade is without stop loss, so the disaster is guaranteed!