ZuluTrade – May 2013

May was even more terrible than the last one. Did you remember that I said that TotalGrid 2.0 was a bit risky because it had the potential to wipe an account? Well, it happened. Now on my account I have just 15 euro…

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

Not a single one.

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

FE signals lost too much, again. I watch in demo, just to see what happens.

Open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo account – updated 2013

Last year I wrote a guide about how to open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo.
The problem is that meanwhile the website had a redesign and it looks like it’s not possible anymore.
Instead, it’s still possible to open unlimited demos, to follow signals and try their strategies in long term. And it’s even easier! Here is how to do:
First of all you need a main demo account: open one through this link. This account will be the unlimited one, so choose the desidered equity and leverage. Insert a real email, because you have to receive an activation code.
Activate the account by clicking in the email you received and voilà, we are in our demo account, enabled and operating!
As you can see, it looks like it’s going to expire in 30 days. Now go to the “invite” tab, and copy the link that is in the email body
Now you have to logout from ZuluTrade, otherwise the next step will fail. I repeat: press “logout” on top right and exit the session.

Go to the link that you just copied, for example http://www.zulutrade.com/?ref=605436 and follow the same steps to open a new demo account. (If we used the same email to register the two demo accounts, a dropdown menu will appear, to switch between them.)

As you see, the second demo account will expire in 29 days.
Now, logout and login to the first demo account. When it will expire? Here it is:
The first demo account we opened has become unlimited!!!
Great, right?

ZuluTrade – April 2013

This month was awful: my choice to blindly trust FE signals was bad, they performed even worse than last month. This is the detail:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

  • TotalGrid 2.0 +75 pip
    Actually, due to slippage, I got a negative result on my account, but I continue to have a positive opinion on it. (Brokers that support ZuluTrade, usually have high spreads and worse trading conditions)
This month I recommend only TotalGrid. In the beginning I was thinking that it was risky, but it doesn’t overtrade, and it’s using a correlated basket: if one pair is going bad, it’s compensated by the others.

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +7 pip
    Last month I changed the strategy, to risk less, but this month it traded just a little. If you wantIl mese scorso cambiato la strategia per rischiare di meno, solo che questo mese ha tradato pochissimo. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -46 pip
    WTF! Three negative months in a row, but it was so good! Also here a lot of slippage. I leave it enabled for a more month.
  • FE – Asys Trend Range -207 pip
  • FE – Euro Fibo -290 pip
  • FE – Trend Scalper -135 pip
Signals from FE lost too much – I leave them enabled: usually after a negative period, there is a positive one, right?

ZuluTrade – March 2013

In this month I got a good result with ZuluTrade. The signals from FE were disappointing, but in average it was good. This is the breakdown:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

In the past months, it never happened to have a such bad result on all three at the same time! And of course, when it happens? When I raise the lots on them… but I believe that in April they will recover the losses.
I noticed, though, that there were “strange” trades, or duplicated ones, I have the feeling that they manually fiddled with the system for that stupid ZuluTrade new policy that will cancel rebates to signals when the month has a negative balance – since they have many followers, the would have renounced to a lot of money, so they might have manually interfered with trades to get …

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +33 pip
    I changed the strategy to risk less, I open just two trades daily, instead of three, and my target is more pips per trade. If you wano cambiato la strategia per rischiare di meno, invece di tre trade, adeso ne apre due, puntando a un risultato maggiore. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -160 pip
    Shoot! Two negative months in a row! It was so good in the past!
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +697 pip
    Whoa!!!! Wonderful!!! After a great month like this, I am expecting a (short) drawdown perdiod. You have to be careful with money management though: is a grid, if you follow with to many lots it can make a disaster – don’t assign
    too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

ZuluTrade – February 2013

This month ended positively with the signals I follow on ZuluTrade. Here they are:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

A lot of pips with small drawdown! Great!

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +78 pip
    I am “biased” towards this signal – long term results are good, but you have to remember that in an unlucky day you can lose 30×3 pip. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -36 pip
    In the beginning was great, now is a bit disappointing, but I like how he can manage losing trades
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +133 pip
    This signal has a great yield, but is a grid, with a wrong money management it can make a disaster – don’t assign too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

New negative record made by good good system

I don’t remember if I said somewhere, but, after a suggestion by a reader I followed good good system from 19th to 28th november 2012.
I made two euro, but I disabled it immediately (but I left it on my unlimited demo account): it’s unacceptable to have four identical trades open for a week with a 500 pip drawdown just to make 20 – it’s gambling!
Raise the stakes and continue to bet on the same direction is a very common behavior on ZuluTrade, but I never saw a disaster like this:
THIRTY trades, almost identical, opened very close one to each other! A monstrous, epic all-in of over 9200 pips!
And, probably, due to the new ZuluTrade policy to give commissions to signals only if the have a positive monthly balance, those trades will be left in the wild until the beginning of march, otherwise the signal will lose the juicy rebates: in this case, with a lot of trades and hundreds of followers we are talking about thousands of di euro.
What’s better? Burn followers’ account, or renounce to 2-3000 euro of commissions?