Twitter vs NumberOne

“Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”, this is the tweet sent from the Associated Press today. The news, obviously, is fake and was written by an hacker that gained control of their Twitter account.

But, even if it was a fake news, it had a real effect on the market, with a big spike that could have tripped several EAs, let’s see what did:
On SMFX I did not have a good result (breakeven with commissions), but on ILQ it did a wonderful job! After months of losses, finally I recovered everything, getting in the “green” zone again.
Correction: since ILQ doesn’t show commissions correctly, but just “withdraws” them, faking all the stats, I misinterpreted the results: today ended with a loss.

ZuluTrade – February 2013

This month ended positively with the signals I follow on ZuluTrade. Here they are:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

A lot of pips with small drawdown! Great!

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +78 pip
    I am “biased” towards this signal – long term results are good, but you have to remember that in an unlucky day you can lose 30×3 pip. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -36 pip
    In the beginning was great, now is a bit disappointing, but I like how he can manage losing trades
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +133 pip
    This signal has a great yield, but is a grid, with a wrong money management it can make a disaster – don’t assign too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

NumberOne live forward testing ended

Due to a strange locking error that NumberOne gave me yesterday, and since the free trial expires tonight, I decided to end the live forward testing of NumberOne and SteadyWinner; this is the result:
(the profit is small because the equity was minimal)
Unfortunately, due to that general error of yesterday, NumberOne on Pepperstone missed a beautiful 10 pips trade (that makes 30 euro with the lot settings), and everything would have been sweeter.
Those two weeks were a little bit disappointing, but, with the traded lots and the paid commissions that exceed the profits, I should get around 20 euro from Cashbackforex at the and of April, not bad if I consider the small equity.
From tomorrow NumberOne is not free anymore, for now I won’t buy it because, with the small capital in my account it will be impossible to recoup the cost of the (expensive) annual licence.
SteadyWinner for small accounts, the free version that I use, limited to trade a microlot, had a good result compared to the equity, but if it was bigger, it wouldn’t have been worthy, maybe the $88 full version would be more profitable, but for now I am not interested to buy it.

High Profit Factor finally recovered the December losses

Finally, after three months, High Profit Factor
recovered its December losses! In the last week he almost lost everything again, but, for luck, he managed to close smoothly.
Probably he is using the same Expert Advisor of Forex Cruise Control,
both are doing very similar operations, but the biggest difference is that the latter acts manually when things goes bad, getting a better and safer result.
I think that I will disable HPF when he will close the last trade.

New awesome signal provider: 20pips winers

Last month I found a new scalping signal provider: 20pips winers. With every trade it makes just a few pips, but, by doing an high volume of trades every day, it can make a very good result! For example, in february it made 1500 pip!!!!

Unfortunately with this signal the slippage is very high, so I reccommend to use it only with AAAFx. If you don’t have an account with them, you can open one for free through CashBackForex and get at the end of the next month a 0.7 pip rebate for each trade, both winning or losing.