Last three weeks for H-E Spider

H-E Spider it’s a very interesting EA that I was about to buy, in fact in drafts I had a “what do you think about it?” post.
I know many people that use it with success and I see good results. A friend of mine bought it and recouped its cost in just a month with a $2000 account! Not bad!
It opens 4-5 trades every month, but it’s very accurate, targeting 40 pips, if you enable automatic allocation, it’s 1 microlot every 80 dollars.
Unfortunately, I just discovered that on 15th May it will removed from sales, new customers can use only the PAMM…
This EA sells for $250 + $50 yearly.
For whom is interested to buy it, I have three coupon codes, to insert in the shopping cart that will be opened from this link. (Note: this coupons codes are also shared with my Italian site + other forums, so act quickly 😉 )

15% Discount FORE-5LXJ-HSVM – 0 uses left
10% Discount FORE-9C23-CYRC – 5 uses left
5% Discount FORE-2XUN-CHTL – 10 uses left

I bought Ray Scalper

Yesterday I bought Ray Scalper. I was watching it from some time, then I got a discount code to get it at a special price.
What I think about it? I like it!
The antipiracy activation it’s a bit “primitive”, you have to send an email to support asking to bind it to your account number, there isn’t an activation program or a web panel like on other EA, but in the end what really matters is that it works. Other ways to protect software from piracy maybe are more sophisticated, but will use more memory and more CPU time, what I really care about it’s making money, haha.
However, how does it work? I installed it yesterday and it started greatly!
Despite the name, I don’t understand what’s the “scalper” in it, it kept the first trade open for the whole night, and the other made 40 pips – usually scalping is making a few pips in a short time, right?
I won’t comment further, it’s too early and usually I bring bad luck, so…

Follow me in demo

Finally I found the right way to do scalping on AAAFx and ZuluTrade, until now was impossible due to the high stop level!

I also added a slightly edited version of drcrck’s daily breakout strategy. (What I changed is to “slow down” the order entry, because of a ZuluTrade limitation and to “flatten” the orders, instead to augment them)

I started on friday, 26th october, (so, please ignore the horrible results that I’ve got before that date: it were experiments), but the results I got are very promising!

The stop loss is set around 35-50 pip, the take profit is around 15 pip.

The signal is GBP Mania. (Even though I don’t trade the uk pound very often)

This signal it’s still in beta, I need testers to try it in demo, preferably on an unlimited demo account to see what happens with slippage.

SteadyWinner on GBPUSD

When I want to use “strange” strategies, new systems, settings or else, of course I use a demo account. (This is the public profile – you can copy it with ZuluTrade, but I don’t suggest it, it’s devoted for experiments)
If you remember it, a month ago I wrote that I would have stopped to use SteadyWinner free.
In fact, the winning ratio is high, but when it loses, loses too much. I didn’t remove and delete it, I put on demo on the  GBP/USD pair, instead of the recommended EUR/USD pair.
In a month it traded much less, just 7 trades, but it didn’t perform too bad, this is the complete report of all the demo experiments:
(Notes on the report: #7 and #10 are censored because it’s a good EA, but I set it wrongly, the bad result is my fault. EA Boss looks great, but it was crashing my platform every day at 11pm, causing losses for hundreds of pips (not pictured here for an unknown reason). It would be interesting to reverse the #12, but it’s just a trade copier from a remote server, so I am not sure how reliable it is in long term)
In this five weeks SteadyWinner free on GBPUSD had a better performance than the Euro/Dollar default setting, although much more slow (just 7 trades).

I’ll continue to keep it in demo for more time.

RobinVOL review

After reading stellar reviews on the DonnaForex forum, I asked to my friend to lend me his RobinVOL license for a month. This EA costs $395 + $195/year and promises wonderful results.
Is that true? Since my friend decided to don’t use it in the summer period “for safety”, I forward tested it from the 13th august to the 13th september with 0.01 lot. How it was?

The result after 30 days is disappointing: it was almost breakeven. Don’t forget it’s a long term strategy. In fact, using it in “full week”, ending in friday, 14th, the result was better.

Will I continue to use it? No, I already removed it and gave back the license to my friend. As I said in the past, I don’t really like long term strategy, as they give me anxiety. Moreover, in order to recover the high license costs, you have to invest a lot of money, it looks like with a $1000 account, at the end of the year you will just recover the license price.
Then, according to someone on the Internet, this system it’s inspired to Forex Growth Bot, a famous $129 trend following EA that’s around from 2010. On myfxbook you can find people that is using it from january 2011 and it’s almost breakeven.

Two hours of caution

For the last month I’m using the daily breakout EA with success. I do a little remark: it’s important to set the parameter “Ore di prudenza iniziale” (initial caution hours) at 2, in this way the EA will wait two hours before opening a trade at the usual time (11:00 UTC+1), with different results.

This is a week with default settings
This is the same week, but with two hours of caution
Maybe a week it’s not enough to judge, but I think it runs better, in fact it’s a suggested setting by the EA coder.

Tualatin and denganyouqianle

I’m following in a demo account Tualatin and denganyouqianle from a few weeks.

What’s good about those signals, besides the fact that aren’t profitable as others, is that they don’t continue in a direction until the account is burned.
The first is managed by an Italian guy, I wrote a partially bad review some time ago, because, by mixing forex trading with gold trading, the stats were “faked”. But now it looks like it is working in a good way. I’ll try it in demo for another month, then I will decide what to do.
The second is managed by a Chinese, (denganyouqianle means “wait for me until I got money”, hahaha, study Chinese paid off). In the past it worked very well (in fact in July he was on top in the ZuluTrade rank), but now is not as profitable as it used to be. I’ll continue to try it in demo for another month, then I will decide what to do.
The demo account that I am using to follow them is this.

Open for holidays

Tomorrow I will go in holiday for two weeks with no access to a computer.
Usually it’s recommended to “close for holidays”, due to low volatility.
But I’m curious, how will the Expert Advisors behave without my control?

I will leave them enabled (except ZuluTrade: I don’t trust that experts) for two weeks, hoping to have a nice surprise when I will come back, eheheh

Emergency in Greece

Almost all of my brokers, sent me an email to remind me that Sunday in Greece there will be elections – event that will have an unpredictable effect on the Euro.
What will happen?
Unfortunately I’m going to holiday tomorrow – and I decided to keep trading on with NumberOne – let’s see if when I come back next week I will have a pleasant or terrible surprise.