New negative record made by good good system

I don’t remember if I said somewhere, but, after a suggestion by a reader I followed good good system from 19th to 28th november 2012.
I made two euro, but I disabled it immediately (but I left it on my unlimited demo account): it’s unacceptable to have four identical trades open for a week with a 500 pip drawdown just to make 20 – it’s gambling!
Raise the stakes and continue to bet on the same direction is a very common behavior on ZuluTrade, but I never saw a disaster like this:
THIRTY trades, almost identical, opened very close one to each other! A monstrous, epic all-in of over 9200 pips!
And, probably, due to the new ZuluTrade policy to give commissions to signals only if the have a positive monthly balance, those trades will be left in the wild until the beginning of march, otherwise the signal will lose the juicy rebates: in this case, with a lot of trades and hundreds of followers we are talking about thousands of di euro.
What’s better? Burn followers’ account, or renounce to 2-3000 euro of commissions?

ZuluTrade – January 2013

January is over, let’s see how the signals I follow on ZuluTrade performed.

Signals that I follow live


FE – Trend Scalper made just two pips, I hoped better, but it’s a low risk strategy that should repay on long term.


BreakON, my signal, had, for two consecutive times, the rare double 180 pip stop loss, nullifying what I made in a month – I am very angry because I send it from a live account and I also follow it on my real account – I lost money twice. I hope in February…

Signals to watch

During February I will watch Signal Palyer. Looks safe, every evening places two pending orders that should follow the trend. I like this idea.Watch also TotalGrid, a grid system Made in Italy that had wonderful results in the last week! Be careful though, it’s a grid system, it can burn your account if you allocate too many lots. The programmer himself suggests to allocate 0.01 lot every $500.

The other FE Software signals are not bad too: FE – Asys Trend and FE – Euro Fibo, but I did not try them in demo or live yet.

Two weeks with BreakON

Two weeks ago I announced BreakON, the ZuluTrade signal based on drcrck’s breakout strategy (about him: take a look to his two new creations: BreakIN and XITD Grid). How it was?
The graph speaks by itself:

The ZuluTrade graph insteas is less “awesome” like the myfxbook one, because the maximum drawdown on a trade marks a negative peak, probably they did this modification to deter risky trading strategies…

…but on my ZuluTrade control panel I see the “right” graph

New signal: BreakON

I opened a new live account with drcrck‘s breakout strategy.
If you have ZuluTrade you can follow the signal BreakON.

Since ZuluTrade doesn’t offer a precise way to calculate the risk, but has just that “risk-o-meter” that doesn’t mean much, I coded a calculator. Choose how much of your equity you can lose in an unlucky day, and it will tell you what’s the right size for you.

Open the calculator in a new window

The account statement is also available on Myfxbook, by clicking on the graph below:

How it works:

Every day the system makes 6 trades, only 3 at the same time, no hedging. The first trade has a large take profit, the second a less large, and the third is tight, to lock the profit. Each trade has a fixed stop loss at 35 pips, limiting your losses. At midnight all the trades are closed, in profit or not: I don’t like to keep them open for a long time.