Be careful to bitcoin (or similar coins) toolbars!

It was only a matter of time before it happened, because no one checks on Google Chrome store what an extension actually does (because Google says, if an extension has a bad behaviour, users notice it by themselves and give bad reviews… sure… right…). There are many toolbars or extensions for Google Chrome that show the current price of your favorite cryptocurrency: Dogecoins, bitcoin, NXT, and many others.
The problem is that, silently, they spy on the user’s browsing, replacing payment addresse.
For example, on Cryptsy, the address is changed for deposits: in this way you deposit on the wrong account, giving your coins to the fraudster. On bter instead the withdrawal address was changed within a few milliseconds after clicking on OK.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to recognize this kind of scams, it is best to install only the extensions that can be trusted.
On Mozilla Firefox, each extension is controlled by volunteers, but on Chrome nobody controls what is published, that’s the main problem.

How to pay rent with Forex?

How many times we saw an advert like this? Just trade for a few hours in a week and you can pay your rent, it’s a child play!
I wonder why people is so dumb, and continue to work, if it’s that easy to make money!
The awful truth is that binary options are gambling, that the “100% safe” strategies they are pushing, aren’t that safe either. They just say: if trend is negative, sell, if trend is positive, buy; analyze the 5 minutes history for deciding the trend….
What those ads really care is that we open a new account, so they show how it’s easy to make money with a few clicks and no effort. Maybe they can even say that a cat pushing random keys can make $1000 a week!
Maybe it’s not the broker that is making the advert, like those “how to make $210 in 15 minutes” videos, where he ends the video saying “this hack works only with 24Option” or “I saw it works best on Plus500”. You sign up, and he takes a share of your wins losses.
The only way to pay the rent with Forex is to invest at least $50000. If you are good you can make a monthly 3%, that means $1500 (then you have to pay taxes on them); if you aren’t good you will lose them all…
The problem is that, since this kind of investment is extremely risky, you have to invest only “useless” money, something that you can afford to lose. Never take a loan! It’s true that, if you are good, you can make a yearly 40% and easily repay intesters, but it’s also true that if you aren’t good you will lose everything. Sh*t happens, nowadays a tweet can move the market unpredictably, and you can lose a lot.

100% bonus with Ava FX

Yay! Ava FX announced that, for a limited time, will give a 100% bonus to new accounts. (I won’t link to their page because I don’t want that one of my readers will accidentally believe this sh*t and join them)
So, if I deposit 5000 euro, I get 10000 euro on my account, Wonderful, right?
But, reading fine print, we discover that, to withdraw it, you have to trade TEN LOTS FOR EACH EURO of the bonus.
So, if you got a 5000 euro bonus, until you traded 50000 lots, you can’t withdraw a single euro of it.
With this policy, they could even give a 1000% bonus, it’s virtually impossible to make a such huge trading volume on a small account!
Expecially on Ava FX, because it has high spread and extremely bad trading conditions.

Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 3

(Continues from here)

The operation started almost a week ago. The frenzy is almost ended, its value it’s three times from the initial value, but, seeing from the exchanged volume, it looks like it’s unsellable. In fact, with common stocks we can sell them anytime, because the market is huge, but with penny stocks, if nobody buys them, you can’t sell them.
Who bought it BEFORE the spam email or IMMEDIATELY at the market opening (read: who has experience in this game) made a lot of money, others…
I’ll come back to this after a few weeks, let’s see what will happen to LBTG.

Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 2

(Continues from here)

The pump and dump operation has officially started yesterday morning, at the opening of the markets, so the spammer sent more and more spam to ensure that millions of people will read it.
At the opening, millions of stocks were bought, making their value soar up to 1000% in a few hours.
There is who bought 723,500 shares at 0.0240 ($17,000): could be someone that knows the business, because it looks like he sold them in two parts:
  • 525,000 shares when the value was 0.08, making $42,000
  • 210,000 shares when the value was 0.06, making $12,600

Gaining $37,600 in less than two hours.
Or maybe the guy that last month bought 322,000 shares for less than $800 sold them at 0.06, making an huge profit (25 times!)
What will happen today? We will see it tomorrow.

I’m so happy that I didn’t buy CypherFX

Do you remember? Three weeks ago I was thinking about buying Cypher FX.
Then I decided to don’t buy it.
Today a visitor left a comment on the page, praising the bot performances.

I took a quick glance to the graph and I thought “Hey, it’s still good!”.
Then I watched the date.
They don’t update it from the 23rd november, date of the big disaster! (Well, I presume that, many on DonnaForex had a big loss on that date)
The demo account, instead, it’s still in positive gain. But it’s not verified. What does it means? On myfxbook you can upload trades via FTP, with a protocol that can be faked easily. Just remove the losing trades before the upload and you are done!
This is suspicious. The real account, verified (that means: myfxbook, using their read-only password, logins in their metatrader account and checks if the trades are real or not) is not updated from three weeks, while the useless demo account is not verified, can be faked, does not have any loss and it’s still updated.
Moreover, in my last post, I expressed my doubts about the genuinity of the followers count in their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Today, after three weeks, they almost have the same numbers. It’s so obvious that they added fake followers in bulk. The graph on right shows the growth of Facebook “likes”. How is possible that now, just two people in a week likes them, while in November, when they were just launched, 1500 people a week liked them?

Enough with LMAX

Just a little more than a month ago, LMAX was placed in the list of the brokers unsuitable for NumberOne.

I did not close the account yet, hoping in good news in a short term.
Today, looking information on Euronis, another night scalper, I found the answer.
This is the behavior of Euronis v7000 on ILQ:

Instead, this is the behavior of the same Expert Advisor on LMAX:

Seeing this I only have one option…

Again: be careful with myfxbook reports

In my quest for the Perfect EA, I found GridMeUpFX, a grid system that loses very rarely. It’s very cheap, a free version it’s also available and they keep a public profile on myfxbook, with this graph:
Awesome, right? But, on the top of the page you can read: “This account uses a custom start date”. Why it should start on 13th february 2012? I go on custom analysis and I try to go back one year: