Free martingale gambling thinks that a martingale it’s a fast and easy way to make money. What’s that?
Simply speaking, it’s doubling the bet after a loss. It looks so easy
to win at this game, but, statistically, it’s not impossible to lose
ten times in a row, and the loss will become huge.
Anyways, if
you want to try, just created a free martingale. You get around 300 satoshi for free every hour, you can try to multiply them with
the free automatic martingale game.
It’s interesting to try it, because you can see how easily you can make money, but also you can see that you can lose the whole capital in a few seconds. Amazing.

Visualize huge amounts of money

US Budget in 1 Hour: $435,841,200
I just found a great website: on you can visually compare the huge amounts of money that run in the world economy, especially with banks and governments.
There are a lot of graphs (this on right shows the US budget in 1 hour).
There’s also a graph showing the truth behind FDIC insurance… there isn’t enough money to cover the dollars in the banks!

Twitter hits again

Yesterday, the Israel Defence Forces tweeted this:

Many traders didn’t notice the #YomKippur73 hashtag, and mistakenly assumed that the bombing happened now, instead of 40 years ago! The oil price went from $110.40 to $111.50!
It’s not the first time that a simple Tweet had a big impact on the market…