I quit using NumberOne

Last night NumberOne one EURJPY did a disaster, losing 20% in a few hours. It’s not small money!
On another account, Not_MaloMax, a free and opensource EA “written in 5 minutes” that works similarly to NumberOne, made a whopping 40%. But that was a small account… 🙁
Two months ago it wasn’t profitable because at that time the market required in-trend mode. Now it wants counter-trend. Today sensitivity must be set to 30 pip on EURUSD, tomorrow at 40, the day after tomorrow backtests are saying that with 25 we can have the best result…
I can’t foresee the future, with this market conditions and with MetaTrader it’s not possible to make impulsive scalping. I have a dedicated server, with much more “raw” power than a normal VPS, a very low ping, so it should work very well.

Twitter vs NumberOne

“Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”, this is the tweet sent from the Associated Press today. The news, obviously, is fake and was written by an hacker that gained control of their Twitter account.

But, even if it was a fake news, it had a real effect on the market, with a big spike that could have tripped several EAs, let’s see what did:
On SMFX I did not have a good result (breakeven with commissions), but on ILQ it did a wonderful job! After months of losses, finally I recovered everything, getting in the “green” zone again.
Correction: since ILQ doesn’t show commissions correctly, but just “withdraws” them, faking all the stats, I misinterpreted the results: today ended with a loss.

Last chance for Tick Scalpers

NumberOne is my favorite EA, you can see how many posts I wrote on it.
Last summer it was a miracle, in three months I quadrupled my FXPRIMUS account (maybe it was working too well).
Unfortunately, in latest months the market volatility has drastically reduced.
I was hoping that after the election of the President of the USA things would go back to normal, instead it didn’t, the number of “failed” trades it’s too high to being profitable, as you can see in the graph of my public live myfxbook page.
Fortunately, NumberOne introduced a new trading mode that should radically change its operations: we will see in the next weeks if it can change the situation.

Extreme slippage on IC Markets

Two weeks ago I opened an account with IC Markets to use it with NumberOne.
The first week I kept it at minimum risk, to see how it was performing: it was doing great, hence I raised the lots.
But this week was awful, I got extreme slippages!
Both on opening
2013.02.05 16:10:07   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 5,7 pips.
2013.02.05 16:10:30   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 3,1 pips.
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 2,8 pips.
And in closing
2013.02.05 16:10:10   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 7.6 pips
2013.02.07 13:42:48   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 2.1 pips
2013.02.07 14:23:01   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 4.1 pips
What could be a nice win, thanks to slippage become an huge loss!
Even if the latest version is smart and detects big slippages:
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Adjusting the Stop-to-Market open slippage stop loss & take profit values.
in the end the result was negative. For now I will pause my trading at IC Markets and I will watch what will happen. I am angry.

Enough with LMAX

Just a little more than a month ago, LMAX was placed in the list of the brokers unsuitable for NumberOne.

I did not close the account yet, hoping in good news in a short term.
Today, looking information on Euronis, another night scalper, I found the answer.
This is the behavior of Euronis v7000 on ILQ:

Instead, this is the behavior of the same Expert Advisor on LMAX:

Seeing this I only have one option…

NumberOne vs NFP – July 2012

Every first friday of the month, at 8.30 am EST, the NonFarm Payroll is published, and it’s a statistic that usually it’s a bomb on EURUSD… and with NumberOne you can do a lot of money.
But this month was troublesome – I had to disable both LMAX and FXPRIMUS because I felt that they were messing with my trades.
The only honest broker left was ILQ, and…:
AWESOME! They also fiddle with the spread against scalpers!

Ps: I read that people on LMAX and FXPRIMUS got a good result, while I didn’t, because I disabled it, great.

A bloodbath also on FXPRIMUS

Yesterday FXPRIMUS suddenly changed the stop level and the freeze level, raising them to 3 pips.

That means it’s not possible to change the take profit or stop loss if differ less than 3 pips from the actual price. With a scalper like NumberOne, this is unacceptable and it leads to a big loss.

After the bloodbath that I suffered on LMAX, yesterday was FXPRIMUS‘ turn…
It’s a pity, because it was working exceptionally well… maybe TOO well…