How to ask the Megadroid refund

Ask the Megadroid refund it’s very easy, here is how I did:

First, find the confirmation mail from ClickBank. On the bottom you’ll see:


If you need additional customer service ClickBank is happy to assist you. You can also view and manage your orders online, 24 hours a day. Please visit:

Click the link and you will land on a product management page.
Now, click on “For assistance…”, then on the dropdown menu select “more options”, and on the next dropdown menu select “Refund”. Select a reason to ask the refund (I chose “unsatisfied”) and a brief note with the motivation, this is mine, for example.

The product does not work as advertised, this is my analysis

An assistance ticket will be opened, after some hours an operator will offer you the complete refund, and after a few days you’ll also get the complete refund on PayPal/Credit Card

The Expert Advisor will be immediately deactivated:

Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today

Just yesterday I said that Megadroid works (but just in dreams) and I decided that tonight I would have asked a complete refund.
But what happened last night? This:

To make 10 cents it lost $20. Great, right? And I was lucky! Look the EURUSD graph:

There were two trades, for a miracle the second managed to finish in a small loss, otherwise to make 10 cents I would have lose $50.

Moral: don’t do tomorrow what you can do today

Megadroid works only in dreams

Those are the trades of today:

(The last row is SteadyWinner)
Today, Megadroid, as usual, even if traded for $6000, did the same poor result, with the second trade that is actually losing, due to the ECN commissions. (And then: why the stoploss and the takeprofit are set to zero? I disabled the stealth mode)
Where the cuck are the millions promised??? Let’s go to see?
This is a screenshot from the website:
First of all there isn’t a column with pip gains, but only for profits. And they are gorgeous! $17000, $5000, $14000: wowwww!!!!
Ok, now watch the lot size column: it’s ridiculously high!!
In the operation 355 it is trading with more than $3 million!!! If you replicate in an average “amateur” account, this trade profited… $0.42!
And the operation 346? $193, not bad. Ok, but it is working with almost $2 million! In my account it would have made 3 cents… minus 16 cents for the commission = 13 cents loss!
Conclusion: the data on the Megadroid website is pure garbage: it’s theoretical data of what it could be happened if in the year 2001 you invested $10000 with Megadroid.
The problem is that Megadroid has been published in the year 2009, so it wouldn’t be possible to invest $10000 with it in the year 2001…

Spam from Megadroid

I didn’t notice it before, because I registered Megadroid with a rarely used email, but they send daily newsletters with questionable content. For example the last 4 emails were sponsoring a new awesome system developed by Fapturbo Steve (not only he is a competitor, in theory, but his system is not profitable) to make money by betting on baseball matches (safe and scientific, right?)
It’s obvious that they are promoting it as the holy grail only to have a commission on each sale! Nevertheless I was sucker enough to buy Megadroid, maybe I could buy something else!
The probability of asking a full refund before the 60 days is increased a lot, also due to the profits that are too small compared to the risk.

Closed for Easter + Megadroid 1st week results

Tomorrow and monday the banks around the world will be closed for Easter holidays, but the foreign exchange market will be open, hence liquidity is expected to be low. Moreover there will be two news with high impact on the dollar, so this evening I will disable MegaDroid.

About MegaDroid: how many trades it did this week?
The answer is:

Happy Easter to everybody!!

Megadroid settings

Megadroid has various settings, this is what I chose:
  • Stealth mode = false – If you enable it the stop loss won’t be set, in this way the broker won’t know the strategy. Actually it’s a setting for paranoids, for who thinks the broker is cheating. If Windows will reboot for an error you could lose a lot of money if you set it to true.
  • Aggressive = true – With this setting you can choose the EA sensibility. Initially I chose false, to be safer, then I chose true to see what happens.
  • Recovery mode = false – If you set it to true, after a loss will double the lots, in order to recover faster. But it also double the risk, so I don’t like it. Steady and slow wins the race.
  • Risk level = 0.05 – Here you choose the maximum risk for every trade. For example, if you set it to 0.05, you could lose up to the 5% of the account, if things goes bad. The default value is 0.3, you will make fast money, but it’s crazy, you are risking the 30% of the account, is not 100% guaranteed that you will win!
  • S1 and S2 are the magic number assigned to the two strategies. They should be changed, because they are unique numbers to identify trades made with a bot. For example it’s pointless risking with stealth mode = true and still keep s1 and s2 to the default settings. Choose two random numbers that no other EA will use.
  • Then there are other options, for example receive an email for every trade, the antipiracy code, a comment for the trade, a fixed lot for who does not want to have it variable, and so on…
Moreover, after checking the purchase receipt, CashBackForex credited me 20 discount points
on the next purchase (1 point = 1 dollar). Befor using them, you must wait 60 days, against people that ask a refund keeping the points.

I bought MegaDroid

Searching for the Perfect EA, I found Forex MegaDroid. It’s NOT perfect and profitable as they advertise it, but it seems that it can achieve good results in the long run, I did some considerations and I decided that it’s worthy to try it.


  • It’s relatively cheap ($67)
  • It has consistent results from many years
  • It has 60 days refund policy
  • When bought from CashBackForex you can get a $20 discount on the next EA purchase. Probably I will never use this bonus, but it’s a nice addition.
  • On forums some people talks good about it
  • The website reads “SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM”
  • The website shows irrealistic results (11356%???? LOL!!!)
  • Before buying it you have to scroll on 4 pages of marketing buzz
  • A license can work on only one live account (Bummer!!! I planned to run it on three accounts!! Why they didn’t write it more clearly??? I wouldn’t have bought it, then)
  • No discount for additional licenses (Bummer again! But as I said it before, if you buy it a referral link from CashBackForex you can get $20 discount on the second purchase, but probably I won’t buy another one)
  • It doesn’t trade like a maniac in the safest setting, so it will get some time to get the $67 back
  • The stoploss is very far, if you hit it, it will make a big dent in your account if you set an exaggerated risk level
  • On forums some people talks bad about it
Anyway, I installed it on the Pepperstone razor account and I disabled SteadyWinner, let’s see the result in the next weeks.