What if MT4 runs better on a Linux server?

Today I was playing around to optimize the CPU usage on my VPS: MetaTrader uses a lot of it even while on weekends and by night, when it’s not in use:

Something that’s not widely known is that most of Windows VPS are actually emulated by Linux servers. On each Linux server there are 20-25 separated instances of Windows (according to the subscription price), they run completely virtualized: an huge waste of resources.
Instead, a Linux server can be virtualized in a “container”, with native access to resources, without overhead. I did an experiment: on the same Linux computer I measured the network latency of a virtualized Windows server and the network latency of a Linux “container”:

The linux VPS has less latency compared to the Windows one, because it doesn’t have to emulate a full operating system.
What’s good about a Linux VPS is:

  • It’s at least $15 monthly cheaper (it’s the cost of the Windows Server 2008 license)
  • Since it uses less resources, you can take a less powerful one, saving on subscription
What’s bad about it is:
  • “Hybrid” EA like NumberOne will never work on Linux+Wine (it does not work even on XP)
  • Linux is more complicated
  • Some sellers are putting up to 250 VPS on the same server, with obvious drop in performance.
  • If the seller did not configure the container very well, hackers can “make a hole” on the container “walls” and access your files