Megadroid settings

Megadroid has various settings, this is what I chose:
  • Stealth mode = false – If you enable it the stop loss won’t be set, in this way the broker won’t know the strategy. Actually it’s a setting for paranoids, for who thinks the broker is cheating. If Windows will reboot for an error you could lose a lot of money if you set it to true.
  • Aggressive = true – With this setting you can choose the EA sensibility. Initially I chose false, to be safer, then I chose true to see what happens.
  • Recovery mode = false – If you set it to true, after a loss will double the lots, in order to recover faster. But it also double the risk, so I don’t like it. Steady and slow wins the race.
  • Risk level = 0.05 – Here you choose the maximum risk for every trade. For example, if you set it to 0.05, you could lose up to the 5% of the account, if things goes bad. The default value is 0.3, you will make fast money, but it’s crazy, you are risking the 30% of the account, is not 100% guaranteed that you will win!
  • S1 and S2 are the magic number assigned to the two strategies. They should be changed, because they are unique numbers to identify trades made with a bot. For example it’s pointless risking with stealth mode = true and still keep s1 and s2 to the default settings. Choose two random numbers that no other EA will use.
  • Then there are other options, for example receive an email for every trade, the antipiracy code, a comment for the trade, a fixed lot for who does not want to have it variable, and so on…
Moreover, after checking the purchase receipt, CashBackForex credited me 20 discount points
on the next purchase (1 point = 1 dollar). Befor using them, you must wait 60 days, against people that ask a refund keeping the points.

How to get a rebate for each trade

Today I opened a new account to trade with MetaTrader: SteadyWinner makes a very small profit (maybe it’s too small, I’m evaluating if the effort is worthy), and lose a big part of it in fees it’s a waste.
This time I did not open the account in the common way, but I opened it through CashBackForex, a service that, for each trade, gives you back a small part at the end of the next month. How it works? Thanks to an agreement with the broker, they take a small part of the fee, because they introduced a new customer. Then, they share the money with the user.

For example, if you register to InstaForex through their service, you will get an 1.3 pip rebate for each trade, both winning or losing.

They made agreements with a lot of broker, this is the list: