New signal: BreakON

I opened a new live account with drcrck‘s breakout strategy. If you have ZuluTrade you can follow the signal BreakON. Since ZuluTrade doesn’t offer a precise way to calculate the risk, but has just that “risk-o-meter” that doesn’t mean much, I coded a calculator. Choose how much of your equity you can lose in an unlucky day, and … Continue reading New signal: BreakON

Follow me in demo

Finally I found the right way to do scalping on AAAFx and ZuluTrade, until now was impossible due to the high stop level! I also added a slightly edited version of drcrck’s daily breakout strategy. (What I changed is to “slow down” the order entry, because of a ZuluTrade limitation and to “flatten” the orders, instead to … Continue reading Follow me in demo