The third useless week in a row

For the third time in a row, this week had a draw.

Ap-zulu on monday did a lot of money, but tuesday lost the double he made.
Slowly the other providers recovered the situation, but there are two losing positions from Ap-zulu in loss, left open during the weekend. What will happen on monday?
Moreover, Christmas is coming, the trading volume will be lower than common time (so it will be better to not trade).
It was good that I did not trust the ap-zulu strategy (that is: continue to invest in the losing position until it goes high… it can lead to huge losses and even to the death of the account!), so by allowing only two positions I limited the damage.

The first month exceeded expectations

My fourth week in forex trading was awesome, if I don’t consider that, due to the spread between AAAFx and FXDD, my reverse signals gave me a 30 euros loss instead making 10 euros.
So, I just disabled every signal that is using FXDD, probably I will open another one with FXDD to reduce slippage and those damages that spread can do.


The graph is still good, because I did not close that orphan trades… I hope in a recover…

You have to monitor reverse operations

I found a nice signal based on a “losing” MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor. That “flawed” expert advisor makes orders that will fail 93% of the times and with a tight stop loss and big take profit, is losing a lot of money.
ZuluTrade has an option to reverse, and in this case it’s really appropriate: 7% of loss with tight take profit can be a profitable idea.

Unfortunately, as I discovered just now, the spread in buy/sell rates, did not let me meet the take profit point, giving me a 40 pips loss instead of the 15 pips profit. And I was there when I noticed that: it was on +13, but I was greedy and I did not close the position manually, I just waited to get the 2 extra pips.

If you want something done right, do it yourself

Last friday I was worried about 6 microlots of eur/usd that were opened against the trend.

Then monday morning it  was almost on par.
I did not miss the chance and I immediately changed the take profit values for the three positions. Even if I could end at +48 pips (about 7 euros), I saw that the situation was like in a rollercoaster; so I preferred to be safer than sorry and put crescent values, closing at 35 pips (about 5 euro).


If I didn’t close that position by myself, the signal would have close them at 7 pips each. Risking 80 euros to gain 5, is priceless…