Open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo account – updated 2013

Last year I wrote a guide about how to open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo.
The problem is that meanwhile the website had a redesign and it looks like it’s not possible anymore.
Instead, it’s still possible to open unlimited demos, to follow signals and try their strategies in long term. And it’s even easier! Here is how to do:
First of all you need a main demo account: open one through this link. This account will be the unlimited one, so choose the desidered equity and leverage. Insert a real email, because you have to receive an activation code.
Activate the account by clicking in the email you received and voilà, we are in our demo account, enabled and operating!
As you can see, it looks like it’s going to expire in 30 days. Now go to the “invite” tab, and copy the link that is in the email body
Now you have to logout from ZuluTrade, otherwise the next step will fail. I repeat: press “logout” on top right and exit the session.

Go to the link that you just copied, for example and follow the same steps to open a new demo account. (If we used the same email to register the two demo accounts, a dropdown menu will appear, to switch between them.)

As you see, the second demo account will expire in 29 days.
Now, logout and login to the first demo account. When it will expire? Here it is:
The first demo account we opened has become unlimited!!!
Great, right?

It’s impossible to make money with ZuluTrade if your broker is AvaFX

Last year, enticed by the deposit bonus, I opened an account with AvaFx. The results were AWFUL.
It did not matter which signal I was following, over long term I was losing money, due to the high spread (twice than “similar” brokers and 8-10 times higher than ECN brokers) and the large stop level – their customer support did not tell me its value, but it looks like it’s 15-20 pip. Not every trade can be a 100 pip one! I don’t have a crystal ball to consult!
However, I continued to use them to test my signal BreakON.
Yesterday, there was a big bump (it could be bigger if FXDD, the broker that I use to send signals, did not block the third trade for an off quotes error…)
This is the result that I got on FXDD:
And this is the result that I got with AvaFx:
Hey, it’s 70 pip less!
What the….! It’s impossible to make money in this way.
What happened is that AvaFx rejected an update of the jumping trailing stop, leaving at the previous value. If I was doing manual trading with MetaTrader or other platforms, it wouldn’t be a big matter, but it’s not possible to do mirror trading with a broker like this! I can accept a 5 pip difference, but not SEVENTY!
Yet, if you search on Google, in the first results they describe themselfes as “the best ZuluTrade broker”..


End of the “ZuluTrade scalping” experiment

A month ago I wrote about my ZuluTrade scalping strategy.
a perfect world, it’s safe money: 10-15 pips per trade, about 6 consecutive wins, and in an unlucky day you lose just 35 pips.
But, with the high spread, off quotes, stop level, I got just 4-6 pips per trade and it’s hard to even go breakeven.
In demo it was working wonderfully, with real money it did not work at all, giving me a 100 euro loss in a month, so the strategy will be put on a shelf

That’s why I don’t like “normal” signal providers in ZuluTrade

In the last post, a commenter asked me why on my ZuluTrade account I only follow losing signals, reversing their trades.
The answer is this:
Even if Hertcz at the end of the month has a great result, I hate that, like many others, he continues to insist on a losing trade.
Yes, if AUD/USD comes back to the predicted price, we get a great result, with a good recovery, but the problem is that nobody can predict the market with a 100% certainty, and a such behaviour can lead to huge losses (see the Forex Cruise Control disaster and many others)
Instead, a losing signal won’t care to recover.
Of course, it won’t be “set and forget”: the situation won’t last forever, probably, or you can get profits killed by the spread, when you invert the trades, making a manual/automatic management via Metatrader 4 mandatory. Or you can just find a “cheating” signal that just sends an intentionally losing signal just to make money out of commissions (for example, there was an Italian gui that opened an closed a lot of trades: the spread made them instant losers… and reversing tham you got the same result…)


Following Forex Cruise Control, I’m down of a lot of pips.

Two accounts were burned by the margin call, while an account with AVAFX is resisting.
With the election in Greece, FCC decided to do hedging (go in both ways), to compensate losses having wins on the other side.

Everything ok? NO!

I got this error!

Did not change Limit from Forex Cruise Control BUY GBP/USD, reason: Broker rejected value.

So, the take profit wasn’t changed, my BUY were closed, leaving opened the SELL ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the election happening tomorrow!!!!!!


It also happened in the past? Of course! For example:

Did not change Stop to 1.54452 for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor SELL GBP/USD, broker ticket: 38080081, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Can’t place order so close to the market price: .0007 < .0008

Did not Close trade for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor BUY EUR/USD, broker ticket: 38022208, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable. Please retry.

The last error is AWFUL!
Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable??????? So I have to end with a loss for your fault????

I used the word scam, but it’s obvious that AVAFX doesn’t intentionally cheats their customers – it’s just a bug of their ZuluTrade interface, because instead of being based on MetaTrader, is based on ActForex

Second day of the PipDefender experiment

A disaster.
This is how I describe the experiment I started on monday.
20pips winers, as usual, behaved like crazy. But his trades on GBPUSD weren’t managed by PipDefender for an error of mine: by default the EA is paused… so it ignored them.
The result? What could be a beautiful 120 pip gain became a 280 pip loss…… (because, 20pips winers likes to miss the right time to close a trade)
And with Tecnotrader? When should happen the only 300 pip trade in three months???? Just in the same day I placed it in reverse!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU……
In total -580 pip, a disaster.

April ZuluTrade report

How my real ZuluTrade accounts performed in April?
Quite good, I’ll say.

Main account: AAAFx

Unfortunately Tecnotrader uglified the graph a lot, nullifying the efforts of the other providers. I’ll leave him enabled hoping in a recovery, then it will finish in the trash can,
Secondary account: FXDD
On this account I run only Forex Cruise Control, to see if I get different results compared to AAAFx (actually I opened it to see if I could reduce slippage with another losing provider)
If it continues like that, next month I will reach my profit goal, and I will withdraw everything. (With forex, until you withdraw money, it’s like you don’t have them)

Tertiary accunt: AvaFX

This unlucky account (crazily high slippage, constant requotes, cancelled orders), this month was lucky, that negative peak happened when I enabled a provider that almost killed the account some time ago… experience does not teach anything, apparently.