I’m going to try ClixTen

A couple of days after I signed up to NeoBux, I receive an anonymous message via the contact form: “if you like PTCs, try ClixTen“.

I do not really like PTCs: they pay a pittance and the bulk of the gain is made through affiliates – so I should spam my affiliate link anywhere and convince as many people as possible to sign up for me – I hate this too much.

The thing I like about NeoBux is that, by paying a monthly subscription, you can “rent affiliates”, making the game a bit ‘more fun. I still have not reached the required 60 cents to start, so do not know if it still works or not: I have to see.

However, ClixTen works like this: $0.0025 per click, you can rent an affiliate for $0.15 a month and get $0.002 for each of their clicks, while a click of a direct affiliate makes almost nothing, $ 0.0005.

I liked the idea, and then I joined. Summary of the first day:

There are many ads to see, but almost all pay almost zero, $0.0001! So there are only 4 ads that pay the $0.0025 promised, others are just a waste of time. Without too much work you can do $0.01 a day – it takes 15 days click to pay the rent of an affiliate. Problem: Minimum purchase is 10 affiliates. If you are a cheapskate like me and do not want to pay real money upfront, you need 150 days of clicks ………..

However, with the usual beginner’s luck, I won 0.2 cents on the first try!

For now I’ll try to use it for a month, to see how it goes.

Do you know neobux?

This morning I turn on the phone and I get a message from an old school friend:
Do you know Neobux? I heard about it for several years, it is a site where a few thousandths of a dollar is paid to watch advertising. Not worth it, I always gave up.

But, he says, there are different strategies, and after a year of non-existent profits, we will begin to make substantial gains. Is it true?

Having some free time, I decided to give it a try. I quickly create a dedicated mail to NeoBux (Other times my data was sold to spammers), I used his referral link, and I am registered!
The site is a little confusing. On the top, in a purple, orange and gray squares you see the number of advertisements to be viewed:

After about ten minutes I watched all the 23 ads, gaining 2 cents!

When you finish the ads, if you still have free time, you can look to AdPrize ads, which are “coupons” that you get after seeing regular ads. They expire after 120 minutes, clicks aren’t paid, but you can win some prizes. With beginner’s luck I immediately won 25 cents !!! 🤑🤑

End of day 1: I gained 28 cents! (Without the prize: 3 cents)

For now it’s nothing, I’m curious to get to 60 cents, to “rent 3 referrals” for 30 days and see what happens 😁