Analysis of a pump and dump spam email – part 1

Today I received this spam email:

A stranger suggests me to buy 90000 stocks of Liberty Coal Energy for a thousand dollars. At this moment, the price per stock is 1.1 cents. Right now the stock market is closed, because the third monday of january is national Holiday, so it’s not possible to buy them right now.
Those stocks are not traded daily, and when it happens, the volume is very low, for example on 11th january just $15 worth of stock were exchanged.
Looking at the graph, the scammer could have bought stocks at 0.26 cents on 22nd December, where there is the 322k exchanged shares peak in the volume, “investing” just $800. Since he invested in one day five times the average volume, the price rose up to 1 cent. His investment now is worth $3100, but only on paper: there is nobody to sell it in bulk, their value will be falling again.
So, he sent an email to everyone about a secret company acquisition for tomorrow 22nd january for a very high price: how many suckers will buy the stock? The price will rise? We will know tomorrow.

Forex GPS Robot

I received an email from the guys at FAP Turbo, about a new $49 EA: Forex GPS Robot.

I was about to close the page with a “meh, it’s the usual scam”, then I see the graph and I am shocked:
Whoa! He doubled the account in a few months! How he could do that??
I watch the trades: they play with 24 LOTS, and trades lasts around 2 hours, just to make 4 pips??? Ok, at 1 AM GMT there is low volatility, but this is extremely risky, all trades are without the stop loss! Moreover, when it loses, it makes an “all in” action to recoup the loss!
It loses 94 pips, and, to recoup them it hedges immediately with 127 LOTS! Yes, THAT much! With a $130k equity this is a suicidal trade, it’s using half of the available money as margin (with a 200:1 leverage it needs about $70k)! This means if the suicidal trade gets below 50-60 pips, you get margin called! What are the possibilities to have two consecutive losing trades?
Reading honest reviews, it looks like it’s very easy to burn the account, while reading “less” honest reviews, written with the purpose to take a rebate on sales, it looks like everything is wonderful!

RoboForex gives $15 for free! Or not?

Some time ago I received a message. If I opened an account with RoboForex I would have got $15 for free. The promotion, now over, promised $15 to new customers.
Me? I said “Yay!!! Free money!!!”
I subscribed, I gave id card, proof of residence, mobile phone with sms verification, and I followed the instructions to get the bonus – not extremely easy, you have to install a special expert advisor to do that (weird)
Guess what? According their expert advisor I already got the bonus!
I ask for explanations:

Hello, i just open a new account, want to do the no deposit bonus. Did SMS verification, installed mt4, logged in, i run verify_client on a graph, enter my verification code and I get “fail to get bonus.” Reboot MT4, try again, i get “You have already got welcome bonus”
I did not got any bonus, what I can do?

Their reply:

You’ve got the message “You have already got Welcome bonus”. That means the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, has rejected your request to get the bonus.
Maybe it was somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it
if the system has rejected you, there’s no way to get the bonus from our company

Somebody used my PC??? To steal just $15?? Funny, hahaha
I reply:

I followed every step, verified my phone, and there is no somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it, because its a dedicated server with a fixed ip address registered to my company for the last 5 years.
If you cheat me on $15, how I can trust you to give real money?
Please close my account immediately and add my email and phone number to your do not contact list

And theirs:

The bonus system operates automatically, so there’s no way to interfere somehow on that process.
Your profile has been blocked.

The question that I should have asked to myself is: why they give money for free? Maybe they think that the average customer would do a bigger deposit.
The fact is this: I gave all my personal data, id card, bank statement, phone to an untrusted third party for just the promise of $15.
I’m dumb.


Following Forex Cruise Control, I’m down of a lot of pips.

Two accounts were burned by the margin call, while an account with AVAFX is resisting.
With the election in Greece, FCC decided to do hedging (go in both ways), to compensate losses having wins on the other side.

Everything ok? NO!

I got this error!

Did not change Limit from Forex Cruise Control BUY GBP/USD, reason: Broker rejected value.

So, the take profit wasn’t changed, my BUY were closed, leaving opened the SELL ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the election happening tomorrow!!!!!!


It also happened in the past? Of course! For example:

Did not change Stop to 1.54452 for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor SELL GBP/USD, broker ticket: 38080081, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Can’t place order so close to the market price: .0007 < .0008

Did not Close trade for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor BUY EUR/USD, broker ticket: 38022208, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable. Please retry.

The last error is AWFUL!
Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable??????? So I have to end with a loss for your fault????

I used the word scam, but it’s obvious that AVAFX doesn’t intentionally cheats their customers – it’s just a bug of their ZuluTrade interface, because instead of being based on MetaTrader, is based on ActForex

It’s possible to fake a myfxbook graph?

On an Italian forum I found a guy that can tell you the secrets of the forex world (100% wins, 100% safe, no drawdowns, and so on) in exchange of money and joining a Ponzi scheme.
To better support his theory, he published a wonderful myfxbook graph with mirabolant profits, “showing the real deal”.

Oh, really? So this is my myfxbook graph, I show that I went from $195 to $54k:

Great, right? It’s also verified!

(Yes, I faked it, but for obvious reasons I won’t tell how I faked it so well – I left two evidences of faking, can you find them? Ha ha ha)