FEClix does not pay

Well, I waited too much time, I officially say that FEClix does NOT pay. I waited 220 days from the withdrawal, while their TOS states “within 20 working days” or something like that. Tickets are being ignored, the forum does not work (at least for me? I’m banned?).

They owe me $10

LOL, this ends my adventure in the “beer money” websites.

I knew from the beginning that they wouldn’t pay, because of this hints:

  1. all the rented referrals they do exactly the same number of actions every day. I mean, exactly. How you can take 100 people at random, and have ALL of them do the exact number of actions, an average of 1.608 daily??? This proves that they are not human, but simulated.
  2. 90% of the actions were just self-promotion, like “vote us on this top 10”, or “visit our forum” – who pays for this? Nobody! Fake money
  3. the admin doesn’t visit the site AT ALL, he still runs automated campaigns like “if you deposit money before the deadline of [6 months ago], we will credit you with extra bonus. At least have the decency to update the deadline. Questions from potential money-making customers like “can I deposit money for ad campaigns” are also ignored.

Make 130% in a day

I was browsing when I got an advertising popup. It boasted crazy profits, look:LOLup to 130% in a day!!!!! Wow!!!

1000 => 2300 => 5290 => 12167 => 27984 => 64363 => 148035 => 340482 => 783109 => 1801152

Millionaire in 9 days!!!!! Wow! 😲

Obviously is a scam, what do you think about? 😂 😂 😂 😂


Should I trust a seller?

About that problem I got on AliExpress, the seller sent me an email saying “no problem, I can fully refund you, as long as you change a little detail in your dispute.”

That little detail is to change the reason of the dispute: I have to say that I want a full refund because I don’t like the color of my item.

Obviously, with such a reason, I’m going to lose the dispute.

If I change the reason, I won’t get any refund from AliExpress, everything would be left in the hands of the seller and his good willing: until now he was saying “if you zoomed on the third image you could see the cable wasn’t USB”, now he says “if you give up on the dispute, I’ll fully refund you.

Should I trust him?

A little little voice inside of me says “yes, he’s a good guy, trust him”….

Update: I didn’t trust him and then Aliexpress gave me a full refund

Got scammed on Aliexpress

I just got scammed for the first time on Aliexpress.

I ordered an adaptor which the description said “USB”, instead when I opened the box, it was a proprietary plug.

You can imagine my frustration, not for the monetary loss ($ 2.68), but for my wasted time, I waited more than 75 days to get it from China (Italian customs are sloooooooooow).

Now, for a matter of principle I’ll dispute the order with Alipay, let’s see if I can get a full refund, as the adaptor I received it’s totally useless.

I wrote this:

The product details say “Sensor Receiver with USB Cable”. When I received the goods, instead, the cable is not USB.

The item description did not state that the product is not actually with USB cable.

I bought this item especially for the USB cable, as it’s stated in title, without it’s totally useless

Since this is not my error, I expect a full refund. I can ship goods back as long as shipping fees aren’t paid by me, as sending this back would exceed the item value

Let’s see the result…

Avoid using Cryptsy

After a while I went back on Cryptsy, to see what happened. the vertcoins I mined at the launch, were worth 20 cents, they rose up to 60 euro, but I did not sell them “they will get more value over time”, now are worth 2 euro, what a pity.
Anyways, I mined them in a day, so I did not lose money…
The main problem is that I went to withdraw… there were many bitcoins missing from my account! I was remembering there were around 20 euro, but right now it’s empty! How it’s that possible?!?
I check withdrawals, and I see one made one month ago, to the address b928d5c7a81a40713407d40a8bf1e92ded1a59d1. (invalid address)
Possible??? I did not get any withdrawal confirmation email!!
I contact support and this is their reply:

your coins have been moved to a cold storage wallet for better security

For security???? Without notification?? This is stealing! If, with the “security” excuse they get 20 euro from the thousands of users they have, it’s a lot of money!!!

Now I have to see if I will get back the bitcoins, I asked support hours ago, but no response yet…

Helping people to get cheap hospital treatment

I just received a fun spam mail. It said that there was a way to make $2000 in a month helping poor individuals that couldn’t afford medical treatments.
Wonderful, I said, and I immediately answered from my fake email account. Finally I have the chance to make a boat of money without effort and helping people! Wow!
After a few minutes they told me that there are some poor individuals that don’t have money to pay for hospital treament, but there are some philantropist that are willing to pay for them!
Unfortunately, those poor guys don’t have a bank account, so they can’t receive donations…
So, that’s the job: you receive thousands in your account, then withdraw all keeping a 10%, and then send via Western Union to those poor guys.
The problem is: who is sending this money?
It’s not sent by a philantropist, but from a stolen bank account. The scammer feel safe because will receive money anonymously and can’t be traced, while you are going to have a bad time. If you are lucky, the bank simply takes that money back (at your expense). If you are unlucky, you will have some years of jail time for money laundering…

What do you get when you download a scam app from a Facebook ad

Recently, when I go on Facebook, I find a lot of scam ads, like the one pictured on the right.
Make $431 23 minutes; no, make $700 in 5 minutes, download movies for free, download apps for free, download music for free, and so on
When you see an ad you have to remember that there is someone who paid thousands of dollars to show it to you.
If it’s really possible to make $700 in 5 minutes, why pay thousands of euro to teach the strategy to other people for free?? It’s because, the best way to make $700 in 5 minutes, it’s to persuade 100 people that’s possible and it’s easy to do.
However, the topic of this post isn’t binary options (I will talk about it in the next weeks), but how those “free” downloades are working.
If you want to know what happens when you click on the WhatsApp for PC ad, click here.Or, if you want to know what happens when you click on the GTA IV San Andreas ad, you can continue to read this post.

I click and download it:
From the digital signature, we can see that it’s NOT an official Rockstar Games app (they made GTA IV), but I will continue, so I run it.
After a short introduction, the setup wants to install a toolbar. With this, the scammer will make some cents every time we do a search on the net. I click on Advanced, then deselect all, then I click on DECLINE, otherwise, if we click on ACCEPT, it will be installed anyways. I click on DECLINE:
No! If you click on DECLINE, you get a popup, prompting you to install it, unless you press CANCEL:
Then we get other FOUR adwares, to help the scammer to make more money

Then, we get another one: (we still have to press DECLINE)


And every time we get an “are you sure” confirmation, and we have to press CANCEL:

Then I get another adware:

And more….

And more!!!!!!!!!

AND MORE MORE MORE MOAR!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the download starts, 1.8 gigabytes!


When the install is done, it simply closes, there is no indication about what to do. Luckily, this was an empty computer for testing, so I noticed this file inside the Documents folder:
I open it with 7zip, but I don’t find anything useful inside!!! It’s just a GTA IV mod that can be freely downloaded from http://gtaivsa.com/. (The Liberty City/New York map will be replaced with a San Andreas/Los Angeles map). Without having a working copy of GTA IV already installed on your PC, this file is completely useless!!


So, the scammer tricked us to install TWELVE adwares, with FOUR toolbars and FOUR fake “speedup” programs, that will bring your computer performance to its knees, but don’t worry: one of them can remove the junk you just installed for a small fee…

A bank transfer scam

When I am bored, I answer to scam emails (I use a dedicated “junk” gmail for that)
Some time ago, an alleged billionaire, old and dying, sent me an email, saying that she has a lot of money in an African bank to give to a random person in the world, so I said that I am interested!
I answered giving my name, mobile phone number and bank data (all fictitious; the mobile phone number is a SIM card that I got as a freebie in an Xmas cake).
The old lady told me that she would send me 3800 euro, as soon as possible!
Yay! Free money!
After a few days I get an email from bnpparibasabidjan@ymail.com saying that the bank transfer is ready to be sent, but there are 885 euro of taxes to be paid via Western Union. (Maybe BNP Paribas it’s a small bank, they don’t accept bank transfers? LOL)
Oh noes! My free money!
I reply: “How I can know that this is not a scam? Can I get a certificate?”
After a few hours I get this certificate:
I don’t know about you, but to my eyes this is screaming “HEYYYY I AM A SCAMMMMMMM”
It’s a Photoshop Master as this:
I took a 10 minutes pause to stop laughing and I answer: “seems legit, can you call me tomorrow to discuss payment details?
The day after, at 7.30 AM I get a phone call on my mobile (a call to an italian mobile phone number costs a lot!! Even if he is using Skype, he is paying 15 cent/minute!)
I say: “Mr. XXX is busy now, can you wait for a while?” I place the phone near to the radio speakers playing a song and I go to have breakfast.
When I am back, he is still waiting! “Hi, I am sorry, but Mr. XXX is still busy, please try again tomorrow”,I say, hanging up.
Later I write him an email, saying that, as we agreed by phone call, they can send the 3800 euro minus the 885 fee, without sending the “tax” money in a separate payment.
He didn’t answer me…
I also sent an email to the old granny saying to send me money via Western Union instead of bank transfer, but she also didn’t reply… maybe she died… hahaha
To my eyes, this is a blatant scam, but, when I showed the fake certificates to my colleagues, they said it looked legitimate… so I write what’s wrong and what should play the “scam alert” in your head:
  1. A billionaire that gives free money to a stranger – it’s wonderful but this happens only in dreams.
  2. A bank that sends email using Yahoo Mail (@ymail.com) – a custom domain costs $10/year, no bank in the world is so poor unprofessional to use a free account.
  3. A bank that asks money via Western Union – a bank that doesn’t accepts bank transfers? What?
  4. Asking money to send money – Why they can’t just send less money? Real banks do like this. When I withdrew from Pepperstone, the intermediary bank took, without asking me, a 10% fee (Aaaaaaaaaaa! 10% to bank, 20% in taxes, 30 euro to Pepperstone for fees, I got just 25 euro left for six months trading…)
  5. The BNP Paribas logo in the “certificate” is deformed and pixelated, it’s not compliant with the brand guidelines.
  6. BNP Paribas is written as “BNP Pari bas”
  7. The “certificate” is made with PowerPoint, with fake WordArt stamps: it doesn’t make sense