Frozen account on Poloniex

Yesterday I logged in on Poloniex to see what’s going on my few crypto coins. (Very few ethereum, some euro in Pascal and 400 DOGE).

I am told I have to give name, surname, address, phone number, scans of my id card + a selfie.

I am pissed! I have to give an incredibly large amount of personal data just to withdraw some pennies!!!

Eventually, I comply, and I give them all my data. Today, the suprise: my money is frozen unless I send a selfie with “Poloniex” handwritten on a piece of paper!

WTF??? Does this smell like a scam? Unless I send this questionable selfie, I can’t withdraw anything…

Neobux is just a waste of time

With Neobux you can make a lot of money!!!11

I’m sure you read this sentence in a lot of other blogs (because they want to have you as a direct referral). The truth is; it’s just a waste of time. The rented referals they have a very low daily activity, the average can’t pay back the rent price. The automatic recycling of rentals comes after 14 days but… what a “coincidence”, after 13 days they have a small activity, then “die” again after one day. Is that possible??? ALWAYS LIKE THAT????

I wrote on the official forum, asking for explanations. My post was deleted in under one minute, without any further explanations.

What to say? Enough, I withdrew all of them, and game over.

Luckily, they send the money immediately via PayPal, I got them within 15 seconds.

My PTM project is starting!

Did you remember the investment I was introduced to two months ago? Renting a place+machinery, to make some extra money?

I almost cancelled the deal last month when I went to see how the old man was working, and I saw that he was working at 500% his capacity, to produce months and months of “advance” work for my future Customers, attracted by a strong discount.

So, like an idiot, I would have found myself without ordersk for months, and maybe the customers would have asked “everything must go” discounts as he did!

In the end, however, we changed the economic terms, and here I am, ready for this new adventure!

The terms we agreed: € 300 per month for renting this room + several hundred euros of “free” raw materials (ie: as a refund of damages). Regular lease agreement with a duration of 4 years.

The problems started right away: the old man told me “I gonna teach you all about manufacturing” – but he barely just knows how to turn on the machine! The workmanship was totally handled by that employee, who found another job! That’s why even though the processing is “very simple”, he decided to sell everything!

So I had to call that employee and give him 40 euros to have a quick crash course.

Second problem: the work is not “simple” as he stated – the 2-3 hour crash lesson from ex-employee was not enough – I wasted a lot of raw materials to do the experiments! Luckily they were “free”.

So the first month was like this:


  • 300 per rent
  • 40 “lesson”

I got very small orders:

  • 98 euro
  • 40 euro
  • 10 euro
  • 10 euro
  • 20 euro (This was hard! In order to find the right parameters I wasted like 100 euro of materials!!!)
  • 67,5 euro
  • 25 euro
  • 10 euro
  • 150 euro (but also this order was hard, I wasted a lot of stuff……)
  • 90 euro
  • 10 euro
  • 200 euro
  • 30 euro
  • 10 euro

Total for first month: 770,50 euro made, 340 euro spent = 430 euro profit

Not bad!

Outsourcing? Be careful!

IMG_20141111_083209At work, some months ago, I got a simple idea to sell to my customers. Nothing really complex, just a simple tool to make gift wrapping more pretty. I could have done it by myself, but not at the right price point.
So I went on Alibaba and I did a custom order from a chinese company.
I got the stuff, exactly as I expected, I was happy.
I planned to launch  my idea in a few weeks, on time for Christmas, when this morning I receive an email from the chinese supplier.
The email is addressed to all of their customers (obviously all in clear text, there’s no privacy for them) and it says “new hot sell 2014”: they are selling my fucking tool as it was their idea!!!!!
Not to mention that I made a small batch just to test the waters, so the unit price that I paid was much higher than the one that new customers will get, because I was the one who paid the molds!!!!!
So, now I have dozens of competitors that can launch my idea on the market before that I could launch it as I wanted!!!
You can imagine how much I’m pissed off right now…

Some brokerage sold my data!

Today I received a call on my office number from +35924812890 (Bulgaria), where an indivudual speaking a very poor english, almost unintelligible, wanted me to open a new trading account.
What made me really scary was: how the hell they got my work number??? I’m almost paranoid to give my numbers and emails around, I don’t mix work and leisure, who gave it to him?
Usually, when I join something not extremely important I even write a fake number, which I take note on my password manager, so in the extremely remote event that I really need to get called, I just say that I changed mobile operator and I got a new phone number.
I asked who gave him my data, he said “you left your business card at a trading event” – absolutely impossible!!! I insisted on this, but he hung up, and if I call back the number a voice says the number is wrong..
Probably some broker employee got access to customer data and decided to sell them to black hat marketers for nice money…
I get goosebumps thinking how easily I sent my id card scans to the various brokerage companies that I tried in those years…

It’s impossible to make money with ZuluTrade if your broker is AvaFX

Last year, enticed by the deposit bonus, I opened an account with AvaFx. The results were AWFUL.
It did not matter which signal I was following, over long term I was losing money, due to the high spread (twice than “similar” brokers and 8-10 times higher than ECN brokers) and the large stop level – their customer support did not tell me its value, but it looks like it’s 15-20 pip. Not every trade can be a 100 pip one! I don’t have a crystal ball to consult!
However, I continued to use them to test my signal BreakON.
Yesterday, there was a big bump (it could be bigger if FXDD, the broker that I use to send signals, did not block the third trade for an off quotes error…)
This is the result that I got on FXDD:
And this is the result that I got with AvaFx:
Hey, it’s 70 pip less!
What the….! It’s impossible to make money in this way.
What happened is that AvaFx rejected an update of the jumping trailing stop, leaving at the previous value. If I was doing manual trading with MetaTrader or other platforms, it wouldn’t be a big matter, but it’s not possible to do mirror trading with a broker like this! I can accept a 5 pip difference, but not SEVENTY!
Yet, if you search on Google, in the first results they describe themselfes as “the best ZuluTrade broker”..


End of the “ZuluTrade scalping” experiment

A month ago I wrote about my ZuluTrade scalping strategy.
a perfect world, it’s safe money: 10-15 pips per trade, about 6 consecutive wins, and in an unlucky day you lose just 35 pips.
But, with the high spread, off quotes, stop level, I got just 4-6 pips per trade and it’s hard to even go breakeven.
In demo it was working wonderfully, with real money it did not work at all, giving me a 100 euro loss in a month, so the strategy will be put on a shelf


Following Forex Cruise Control, I’m down of a lot of pips.

Two accounts were burned by the margin call, while an account with AVAFX is resisting.
With the election in Greece, FCC decided to do hedging (go in both ways), to compensate losses having wins on the other side.

Everything ok? NO!

I got this error!

Did not change Limit from Forex Cruise Control BUY GBP/USD, reason: Broker rejected value.

So, the take profit wasn’t changed, my BUY were closed, leaving opened the SELL ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the election happening tomorrow!!!!!!


It also happened in the past? Of course! For example:

Did not change Stop to 1.54452 for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor SELL GBP/USD, broker ticket: 38080081, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Can’t place order so close to the market price: .0007 < .0008

Did not Close trade for 0.2 mini lot (2 K) from HighProfitFactor BUY EUR/USD, broker ticket: 38022208, reason: Broker rejected value. Broker Message: Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable. Please retry.

The last error is AWFUL!
Trading on EURUSD is temporarily unavailable??????? So I have to end with a loss for your fault????

I used the word scam, but it’s obvious that AVAFX doesn’t intentionally cheats their customers – it’s just a bug of their ZuluTrade interface, because instead of being based on MetaTrader, is based on ActForex