Only european PLA

I got a 3D printer and so I searched for a reputable filament supplier.

All of them stated “this PLA has European origins”, or “the pellet used for this filament doesn’t come from China, but from Europe”, as if this is a mark of quality. This is why this doesn’t mean anything.

The cost of raw materials

The most popular plastic for 3D printing is NatureWorks PLA 4032D. A 20 kg box costs 140 dollars, 6 euro for each kg. If we order a ton, wholesale, the price is much lower!

This is the price in China:

“Chinese” PLA, chemically identical to the “European” one

22 yuan for 1 kg is around 3 euro, to which you have to add shipping fees. You can’t get shipped 20 kg of plastic pellets with the UPS, or you will pay 300 euro to get 60 euro of raw material! You have to make a LCL (less than a container load) shipping by sea. For my personal experience, shipping 1 cubic meter with LCL, costs around 1000 euro with all various fees.

A cubic meter of PLA weighs 1250 kg, so you have to consider that you’re paying 80 cents for each kg, for shipping.

The “chinese” PLA, is industrially made and it’s absolutely identical to “european” PLA, costs basically the same! They use european PLA, because it’s cheaper and more accessible!

Plastic is cheap, and shipping it between continents is very expensive.

How the filament is made

Moreover, it depends how the filament is made

Which one is better, a  “Made in Italy” filament, made by an amateur in his garage, pulled with a $300 Filastruder, or a “Made in China” filament, pulled in an expensive high-tech factory?

They seem to imply that “made in Europe” equals to say that “it’s premium”, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Personally, I trust more a Chinese factory that has a daily production of thousands of rolls, and so has optimized the process, than a roll “made in Italy” by an unknown entity, without knowing how they make it…

Is it worth to recycle a referral on Neobux?

Take for example this Rented Referral on Neobux. It seems the perfect candidate for a “manual recycle”.

I paid 20 cents to rent it for 30 days. He clicked for 2 days and then disappeared. Having enabled AutoPay, I spent 2 * $0.0057 = $0.0114 to extend for two days his rental.

He made me earn 8 clicks, for $ 0.005 = $ 0.04

If I let it expire, it will cost me:

  • $ 0.20 for initial renting
  • $ 0.0114 for extending rental for two days
  • $ 0.02 for return fee

Total: 0.04-0.20-0.0114-0.02 = a $ 0.194 loss.

But maybe, it could “wake up” and start clicking again.

If I manually recycle it, it will cost me:

  • $ 0.20 for initial renting
  • $ 0.0114 for extending rental for two days
  • $ 0.07 for recycle it

At this point I would have paid 24 cents, but with a “new” referral, with 16 days of rental left.

In a perfect world, this new could make 4*0.005*16= $ 0.32 and I will make money. But it’s not a perfect world. From the averages I saw, it’s going to do 1,5*0.005*16=$ 0.12

So by recycling, if I got an “average” replacement, I would end with a 12 cents loss. And of course I could get a “lazy” one that clicks once every three days, with an higher loss!

If, however, I hope in the free replacement after 15 days of inactivity, however, I would find a new one within 10 days deadline, which, with an average of 1.5 clicks per day, I would yield $ 0.075: the end result would be a loss of 12 cents!

So, after all, in my opinion, is not worth to do manual recycles on Neobux, it’s better to let them expire.


Focus on GPS Forex Robot

If you remember, some time ago I wrote about GPS Forex Robot. After discovering that it takes a gamble for recovering a bad trade by making a suicidal “all-in” one, I discarded it, then, closing the page I got one of those “wait, don’t leave” offers, where I could buy it for just $14. With such a discount I got an idea: what if I “flatten” every trade, disabling also the crazy recovery mode?
So, I visited the official chart: (I think that the fact it’s a demo and it’s not updated from almost an year it’s noteworthy)
I downloaded the history and I loaded on Excel, what will happen if every trade were done at 1 lot without the suicidal recovery? Here it is:
Hey, where is the 700% gain??

How does MT4 runs in Linux

In my last post I wondered: what if MT4 on Linux runs better?

For doing this I used CrossOver Office: it’s not free, but it’s WAY easier to use compared to Wine or PlayOnLinux.
I moved half terminals on Linux and half were left on Windows (it’s the kvm process on the top on the list) – the CPU usage it’s almost the same. What changes is the multi-core management: in my opinion it’s way more efficient. In fact, from the top command (shown above), if you press f and then j you can see on which core the terminals are running: the Windows “block” is running on the same core, while the others are always changing.
The result is that when I connect through remote desktop during rush hours, I feel that the server it’s much more responsive.
Maybe it’s just a placebo, but it works better than expected, in my opinion.
Right now all my EAs are working except:
  • Ray Scalper (it gives an error while opening the anti-piracy authentication dll)
  • NMi Scalper (its anti-piracy protection says that the license is expired)
  • NumberOne (you can only install it on three different computers, I’m not gonna waste an install code just for an experiment)

But this was expected: anti-piracy protections are obfuscated and use undocumented methods and interfaces: it’s hard to make them run correctly under an interpreter.

The stock market

Reading an old DecisionBar manual, I found this screenshot:

Shows the Apple ticket at $7.34… it looks almost impossible, if you think that today it’s quoted at $500 per share… and in year 2005 it had a split, doubling its value (if in 2002 you bought a share for $8, today it will be worth $1000).
Let’s continue a previous post, on the same manual I found a screenshot for RIMM, the maker of the BlackBerry, once the smartphone market leader.
In september its value was a tenth of this!
If you know the rules and have the right timing, you can make a lot of money with stocks, even, honestly, I prefer to stay out of this, after an huge hit taken for the 9/11… yes, many years were passed, but when I think to it I feel uncomfortable…
Anyway, if you like stocks, I suggest to buy RIMM, on 30th january they will introduce BlackBerry 10 and the new Z10 smartphone, I have a prototype and it’s very innovative.

Forex GPS Robot

I received an email from the guys at FAP Turbo, about a new $49 EA: Forex GPS Robot.

I was about to close the page with a “meh, it’s the usual scam”, then I see the graph and I am shocked:
Whoa! He doubled the account in a few months! How he could do that??
I watch the trades: they play with 24 LOTS, and trades lasts around 2 hours, just to make 4 pips??? Ok, at 1 AM GMT there is low volatility, but this is extremely risky, all trades are without the stop loss! Moreover, when it loses, it makes an “all in” action to recoup the loss!
It loses 94 pips, and, to recoup them it hedges immediately with 127 LOTS! Yes, THAT much! With a $130k equity this is a suicidal trade, it’s using half of the available money as margin (with a 200:1 leverage it needs about $70k)! This means if the suicidal trade gets below 50-60 pips, you get margin called! What are the possibilities to have two consecutive losing trades?
Reading honest reviews, it looks like it’s very easy to burn the account, while reading “less” honest reviews, written with the purpose to take a rebate on sales, it looks like everything is wonderful!