Focus on GPS Forex Robot

If you remember, some time ago I wrote about GPS Forex Robot. After discovering that it takes a gamble for recovering a bad trade by making a suicidal “all-in” one, I discarded it, then, closing the page I got one of those “wait, don’t leave” offers, where I could buy it for just $14. With such a discount I got an idea: what if I “flatten” every trade, disabling also the crazy recovery mode?
So, I visited the official chart: (I think that the fact it’s a demo and it’s not updated from almost an year it’s noteworthy)
I downloaded the history and I loaded on Excel, what will happen if every trade were done at 1 lot without the suicidal recovery? Here it is:
Hey, where is the 700% gain??

How does MT4 runs in Linux

In my last post I wondered: what if MT4 on Linux runs better?

For doing this I used CrossOver Office: it’s not free, but it’s WAY easier to use compared to Wine or PlayOnLinux.
I moved half terminals on Linux and half were left on Windows (it’s the kvm process on the top on the list) – the CPU usage it’s almost the same. What changes is the multi-core management: in my opinion it’s way more efficient. In fact, from the top command (shown above), if you press f and then j you can see on which core the terminals are running: the Windows “block” is running on the same core, while the others are always changing.
The result is that when I connect through remote desktop during rush hours, I feel that the server it’s much more responsive.
Maybe it’s just a placebo, but it works better than expected, in my opinion.
Right now all my EAs are working except:
  • Ray Scalper (it gives an error while opening the anti-piracy authentication dll)
  • NMi Scalper (its anti-piracy protection says that the license is expired)
  • NumberOne (you can only install it on three different computers, I’m not gonna waste an install code just for an experiment)

But this was expected: anti-piracy protections are obfuscated and use undocumented methods and interfaces: it’s hard to make them run correctly under an interpreter.

10% discount on RobinVOL

I found a 10% discount coupon link for RobinVOL.

Click here to get the 10% discount

About the EA, I talked about it some months ago, it’s a long term strategy that many consider safe and valid.
Honestly, I don’t like to think “long term”: for months the equity will stay at the same level (today you win, tomorrow you lose, the day after tomorrow you win again) then, one day you will get a “big win” that will repay your time and patience.

For good results and recoup the annual subscription you need to have a big equity: it’s not an EA for everyone, but for who has enough patience (and capital) it will eventually give its fruits.

Forex GPS Robot

I received an email from the guys at FAP Turbo, about a new $49 EA: Forex GPS Robot.

I was about to close the page with a “meh, it’s the usual scam”, then I see the graph and I am shocked:
Whoa! He doubled the account in a few months! How he could do that??
I watch the trades: they play with 24 LOTS, and trades lasts around 2 hours, just to make 4 pips??? Ok, at 1 AM GMT there is low volatility, but this is extremely risky, all trades are without the stop loss! Moreover, when it loses, it makes an “all in” action to recoup the loss!
It loses 94 pips, and, to recoup them it hedges immediately with 127 LOTS! Yes, THAT much! With a $130k equity this is a suicidal trade, it’s using half of the available money as margin (with a 200:1 leverage it needs about $70k)! This means if the suicidal trade gets below 50-60 pips, you get margin called! What are the possibilities to have two consecutive losing trades?
Reading honest reviews, it looks like it’s very easy to burn the account, while reading “less” honest reviews, written with the purpose to take a rebate on sales, it looks like everything is wonderful!

NumberOne 1.5 is out!

Yay! SteadyOnFX published the new NumberOne 1.5, with many new features!

  • Trading on M1 and M5
  • It can work with FXPRIMUS again
  • Four months license for free for existing customers (63 euro value for IB version and 266 euro value for the Full version!)
  • The new M5 logic works on most ECN brokers and doesn’t need very quick execution times!

I just installed it and I am eager to see the new trades!

I try the daily breakout strategy EA

From almost one month I’m trying in demo a free EA fround on the Forexometro forums: the Daily Breakout. (Right now the link doesn’t work as their forum has been infected by a malware that redirects pages on a fake page – if you can’t find the link to download, or don’t understand the settings, just comment and I will upload it somewhere)
It worked very well in demo, from yesterday it’s working in a live account.

Of course my luck let me enter the system at the wrong time… yeah! Let’s see this week what will happen…

RoboForex gives $15 for free! Or not?

Some time ago I received a message. If I opened an account with RoboForex I would have got $15 for free. The promotion, now over, promised $15 to new customers.
Me? I said “Yay!!! Free money!!!”
I subscribed, I gave id card, proof of residence, mobile phone with sms verification, and I followed the instructions to get the bonus – not extremely easy, you have to install a special expert advisor to do that (weird)
Guess what? According their expert advisor I already got the bonus!
I ask for explanations:

Hello, i just open a new account, want to do the no deposit bonus. Did SMS verification, installed mt4, logged in, i run verify_client on a graph, enter my verification code and I get “fail to get bonus.” Reboot MT4, try again, i get “You have already got welcome bonus”
I did not got any bonus, what I can do?

Their reply:

You’ve got the message “You have already got Welcome bonus”. That means the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, has rejected your request to get the bonus.
Maybe it was somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it
if the system has rejected you, there’s no way to get the bonus from our company

Somebody used my PC??? To steal just $15?? Funny, hahaha
I reply:

I followed every step, verified my phone, and there is no somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it, because its a dedicated server with a fixed ip address registered to my company for the last 5 years.
If you cheat me on $15, how I can trust you to give real money?
Please close my account immediately and add my email and phone number to your do not contact list

And theirs:

The bonus system operates automatically, so there’s no way to interfere somehow on that process.
Your profile has been blocked.

The question that I should have asked to myself is: why they give money for free? Maybe they think that the average customer would do a bigger deposit.
The fact is this: I gave all my personal data, id card, bank statement, phone to an untrusted third party for just the promise of $15.
I’m dumb.

Second day of the PipDefender experiment

A disaster.
This is how I describe the experiment I started on monday.
20pips winers, as usual, behaved like crazy. But his trades on GBPUSD weren’t managed by PipDefender for an error of mine: by default the EA is paused… so it ignored them.
The result? What could be a beautiful 120 pip gain became a 280 pip loss…… (because, 20pips winers likes to miss the right time to close a trade)
And with Tecnotrader? When should happen the only 300 pip trade in three months???? Just in the same day I placed it in reverse!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU……
In total -580 pip, a disaster.