Do you know neobux?

This morning I turn on the phone and I get a message from an old school friend:
Do you know Neobux? I heard about it for several years, it is a site where a few thousandths of a dollar is paid to watch advertising. Not worth it, I always gave up.

But, he says, there are different strategies, and after a year of non-existent profits, we will begin to make substantial gains. Is it true?

Having some free time, I decided to give it a try. I quickly create a dedicated mail to NeoBux (Other times my data was sold to spammers), I used his referral link, and I am registered!
The site is a little confusing. On the top, in a purple, orange and gray squares you see the number of advertisements to be viewed:

After about ten minutes I watched all the 23 ads, gaining 2 cents!

When you finish the ads, if you still have free time, you can look to AdPrize ads, which are “coupons” that you get after seeing regular ads. They expire after 120 minutes, clicks aren’t paid, but you can win some prizes. With beginner’s luck I immediately won 25 cents !!! 🤑🤑

End of day 1: I gained 28 cents! (Without the prize: 3 cents)

For now it’s nothing, I’m curious to get to 60 cents, to “rent 3 referrals” for 30 days and see what happens 😁

The experiment

For a gift, I want to buy an anatomy book on Amazon. It’s the perfect chance to try!
Purse it’s a service that allows you to buy bitcoins with credit card… by buying gifts on Amazon wishlists!
For example: Jack has 1 bitcoin, Brian wants to buy it with his credit card. The system pairs buyers with sellers, Brian buys a gift to Jack, and, when it’s delivered, bitcoins are released.
It’s possible then to insert a discount over the stuff. For now I chose a 30% discount, maybe if tomorrow nobody got it, I’ll change it.
Will it work? We will see in the next days!