PTC without investing?

I did some calculations with the paid to click sites that I’m still using: NeoBux, ClixTen and FEClix. In all three cases, with a free account, you need a lot of patience before seeing some money.

Here are the calculations that I made with ClixTen: every day, you can earn a little more than 1 cent.

Rent an affiliate costs 15 cents and, at best, can generate up to 24 cents per month. So, in the best case, we could earn from the rentals (minimum 10), 9 * 10 = 90 cents.

Now, it is almost impossible that all affiliates will connect everyday and will click on all the banners.

If they do half of the clicks, we will have a net gain of 4 cents for each referral. A little bit.

What if we paid $100 upfront, buying the GOLD subscription at $75 per year.

From our clicks we would gain up to 240 cents per month, and from renting we might have a gross profit up to 60 cents per month.

Assuming that the rentals have an average of 2 clicks per day, we would have a net gain of 15 cents.

Investing $25 in 25 / 0.19 = 130 rentals (for Gold members it costs more to rent), we would have a monthly gain of 15 * 130 = $19.5 per month!

So, paying $100 in advance, after a year we would have:

  • $28 from our clicks
  • $234 from affiliates

    Net total, after paying $75 for Gold: $159

    Something completely different!

    I feel that if I don’t want to count pennies, it’s necessary an initial investment …

    However, I don’t like the idea to pay upfront on this kind of websites.

    What do you think?

Should I trust a seller?

About that problem I got on AliExpress, the seller sent me an email saying “no problem, I can fully refund you, as long as you change a little detail in your dispute.”

That little detail is to change the reason of the dispute: I have to say that I want a full refund because I don’t like the color of my item.

Obviously, with such a reason, I’m going to lose the dispute.

If I change the reason, I won’t get any refund from AliExpress, everything would be left in the hands of the seller and his good willing: until now he was saying “if you zoomed on the third image you could see the cable wasn’t USB”, now he says “if you give up on the dispute, I’ll fully refund you.

Should I trust him?

A little little voice inside of me says “yes, he’s a good guy, trust him”….

Update: I didn’t trust him and then Aliexpress gave me a full refund

Summer pause… or not?

Since right now everyone is going to holiday, I decided to pause all my Expert Advisors. In summer the volume is lower, the economic news are less, I’m in holiday also, and I don’t want the robot to read the signals wrongly.
Moreover, the revenue for the last year was… pitiful… honestly I have only Ray Scalper on my list, and it’s not exactly a champion…
I’m moving towards bitcoin trading, there’s more volatility and I can do manual trading more easily.
I’m not sure to turn on again the MetaTrader VPS again in september…
What do you think about this? Do you know some good EA?

RoboForex gives $15 for free! Or not?

Some time ago I received a message. If I opened an account with RoboForex I would have got $15 for free. The promotion, now over, promised $15 to new customers.
Me? I said “Yay!!! Free money!!!”
I subscribed, I gave id card, proof of residence, mobile phone with sms verification, and I followed the instructions to get the bonus – not extremely easy, you have to install a special expert advisor to do that (weird)
Guess what? According their expert advisor I already got the bonus!
I ask for explanations:

Hello, i just open a new account, want to do the no deposit bonus. Did SMS verification, installed mt4, logged in, i run verify_client on a graph, enter my verification code and I get “fail to get bonus.” Reboot MT4, try again, i get “You have already got welcome bonus”
I did not got any bonus, what I can do?

Their reply:

You’ve got the message “You have already got Welcome bonus”. That means the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, has rejected your request to get the bonus.
Maybe it was somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it
if the system has rejected you, there’s no way to get the bonus from our company

Somebody used my PC??? To steal just $15?? Funny, hahaha
I reply:

I followed every step, verified my phone, and there is no somebody who used your PC or your IP address to get it, because its a dedicated server with a fixed ip address registered to my company for the last 5 years.
If you cheat me on $15, how I can trust you to give real money?
Please close my account immediately and add my email and phone number to your do not contact list

And theirs:

The bonus system operates automatically, so there’s no way to interfere somehow on that process.
Your profile has been blocked.

The question that I should have asked to myself is: why they give money for free? Maybe they think that the average customer would do a bigger deposit.
The fact is this: I gave all my personal data, id card, bank statement, phone to an untrusted third party for just the promise of $15.
I’m dumb.

It’s possible to fake a myfxbook graph?

On an Italian forum I found a guy that can tell you the secrets of the forex world (100% wins, 100% safe, no drawdowns, and so on) in exchange of money and joining a Ponzi scheme.
To better support his theory, he published a wonderful myfxbook graph with mirabolant profits, “showing the real deal”.

Oh, really? So this is my myfxbook graph, I show that I went from $195 to $54k:

Great, right? It’s also verified!

(Yes, I faked it, but for obvious reasons I won’t tell how I faked it so well – I left two evidences of faking, can you find them? Ha ha ha)

Greediness it’s a problem

I knew that it was risky to choose some signal providers.
But they showed so nice profits!
I calculated to double my capital every 3 months with this signals… too good to be true?
Yes, too good to be true.
The reason of that they were so “winning” it’s that they never lose... they continue to buy and buy losing position until they are winning.
Moral: I wiped the profits made in the last 3 months.
I already got a similar experience in demo, but with virtual money you don’t get the same lesson and experience that you get with real money.
I remove every “get rich quick” signals like Gainers-Mx, GOLD MAX FX, ap-zulu and Thirty Pips, I replaced them with other signals with a decent money management, and I am ready to start again!
Yes, some of this systems win only in 30% of the cases, but with the right money management, they are much safer and profitable than the “100% winning” ones.

A bitter Christmas

The last weeks were useless, I complained on this blog.
Then, on Monday, the north korean leader died, signals operating in asian market times acted crazily, both Forex Cruise Control and High Profit Factor, went down a lot…
Why? In my opinion this is due to the new compensation policy of ZuluTrade: if the month ends in a loss, the provider won’t get commissions.
Since both providers made just 150 pips in December, closing the positions would have meant renounce to a lot of money to both… they preferred to keep them opened, betting on a raise.
Forex Cruise Control kept them open until today, closing in loss, but trying to end the month positively, opening other 5 position “outside the usual” (so my account did not open them, due to the 3 positions limit that I gave); High Profit Factor kept them open for a while, closed them, and, even if the market had low liquidity, opened new positions and closed them in loss trying to recover the commissions!!!

In the end I lost 50 euro.
ZuluTrade, thanks for changing the policy. You say it’s to protect the followers, but it’s obvious that you just want to make more money,

The third useless week in a row

For the third time in a row, this week had a draw.

Ap-zulu on monday did a lot of money, but tuesday lost the double he made.
Slowly the other providers recovered the situation, but there are two losing positions from Ap-zulu in loss, left open during the weekend. What will happen on monday?
Moreover, Christmas is coming, the trading volume will be lower than common time (so it will be better to not trade).
It was good that I did not trust the ap-zulu strategy (that is: continue to invest in the losing position until it goes high… it can lead to huge losses and even to the death of the account!), so by allowing only two positions I limited the damage.