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Hi, my name is Federico and I have no experience in the foreign exchange market.
I started to get interest in it when, at the barber’s, I met that kind of crazy guy that is always there. He was trying to lure me to join his ponzi scheme where you can make $5000 in a month investing $1000.
I laughed out loud and I asked: “where they will take the money, if not from new subscribers?”
So he started to say that everyday the forex market moves billions, if you know how to take them, you can make a daily 20% profit, and recommended me to try an eToro demo. I came back home dreaming to be a billionaire and I signed up to the demo. What a bummer!! How you can predict the trend with no indicators whatsoever?? Everything looked like a game in that eToro demo, an order was represented by a marathon, so I just classified forex as gambling.
Some years later, in september 2011, I read a news on slashdot: the 75% of the worldwide trades is automated.
Initially I ignored the news, then, on the 15th september, at 11:21 pm i searched “autotrading” on Google (it’s so funny to go back in time with Google Web History, hahaha) and I landed on the AvaFX+ZuluTrade page, the first result on Google.

I searched for reliable info, but I discovered that around the 90% of financial blogs are just baits to make money from commissions, presenting irrealistic results just to make the user signup. “Someone should make an unbiased blog to share his real experiences”, I thought. So I opened forexperiments (forex+experiments), it’s a blog where I tell my unbiased experiences without trying to scam readers.

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  1. Hi,

    I just read your blog while scrutinizing CypherFX – black friday, Looks like he is not getting my $$$ thanks to your fact finding.

    Again, if you like to make a friend email me – I am not selling anything either. We can share forex experiences.

    abcofwealthy.gmail.com – you where to put the @ 🙂

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