I’m going to try ClixTen

A couple of days after I signed up to NeoBux, I receive an anonymous message via the contact form: “if you like PTCs, try ClixTen“.

I do not really like PTCs: they pay a pittance and the bulk of the gain is made through affiliates – so I should spam my affiliate link anywhere and convince as many people as possible to sign up for me – I hate this too much.

The thing I like about NeoBux is that, by paying a monthly subscription, you can “rent affiliates”, making the game a bit ‘more fun. I still have not reached the required 60 cents to start, so do not know if it still works or not: I have to see.

However, ClixTen works like this: $0.0025 per click, you can rent an affiliate for $0.15 a month and get $0.002 for each of their clicks, while a click of a direct affiliate makes almost nothing, $ 0.0005.

I liked the idea, and then I joined. Summary of the first day:

There are many ads to see, but almost all pay almost zero, $0.0001! So there are only 4 ads that pay the $0.0025 promised, others are just a waste of time. Without too much work you can do $0.01 a day – it takes 15 days click to pay the rent of an affiliate. Problem: Minimum purchase is 10 affiliates. If you are a cheapskate like me and do not want to pay real money upfront, you need 150 days of clicks ………..

However, with the usual beginner’s luck, I won 0.2 cents on the first try!

For now I’ll try to use it for a month, to see how it goes.

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