Avoid using Cryptsy

After a while I went back on Cryptsy, to see what happened. the vertcoins I mined at the launch, were worth 20 cents, they rose up to 60 euro, but I did not sell them “they will get more value over time”, now are worth 2 euro, what a pity.
Anyways, I mined them in a day, so I did not lose money…
The main problem is that I went to withdraw… there were many bitcoins missing from my account! I was remembering there were around 20 euro, but right now it’s empty! How it’s that possible?!?
I check withdrawals, and I see one made one month ago, to the address b928d5c7a81a40713407d40a8bf1e92ded1a59d1. (invalid address)
Possible??? I did not get any withdrawal confirmation email!!
I contact support and this is their reply:

your coins have been moved to a cold storage wallet for better security

For security???? Without notification?? This is stealing! If, with the “security” excuse they get 20 euro from the thousands of users they have, it’s a lot of money!!!

Now I have to see if I will get back the bitcoins, I asked support hours ago, but no response yet…

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