Outsourcing? Be careful!

IMG_20141111_083209At work, some months ago, I got a simple idea to sell to my customers. Nothing really complex, just a simple tool to make gift wrapping more pretty. I could have done it by myself, but not at the right price point.
So I went on Alibaba and I did a custom order from a chinese company.
I got the stuff, exactly as I expected, I was happy.
I planned to launch  my idea in a few weeks, on time for Christmas, when this morning I receive an email from the chinese supplier.
The email is addressed to all of their customers (obviously all in clear text, there’s no privacy for them) and it says “new hot sell 2014”: they are selling my fucking tool as it was their idea!!!!!
Not to mention that I made a small batch just to test the waters, so the unit price that I paid was much higher than the one that new customers will get, because I was the one who paid the molds!!!!!
So, now I have dozens of competitors that can launch my idea on the market before that I could launch it as I wanted!!!
You can imagine how much I’m pissed off right now…

Purse.io – It’s already arrived!

(Continues from part 2)
A few hours after lowering my discount from 30% to 15%, someone ordered me the look thatI wanted, and this afternoon the shipment already arrived!
Thanks to Amazon I got a 15% discount, and thanks to Purse.io I got an additional 15% discount by paying in bitcoin!
I didn’t expect that it would arrive so fast! Probably who bought it had Amazon Prime and chose overnight shipping.
I paid 0.251 bitcoin (66 euro) a book with a 90 euro cover price – double win!

The only drawback is that you need to keep you eyes open: once you click on “shipment received”, bitcoins will change hands, so you must be sure that you actually got your stuff!

The purse.io experiment

For a gift, I want to buy an anatomy book on Amazon. It’s the perfect chance to try purse.io!
Purse it’s a service that allows you to buy bitcoins with credit card… by buying gifts on Amazon wishlists!
For example: Jack has 1 bitcoin, Brian wants to buy it with his credit card. The system pairs buyers with sellers, Brian buys a gift to Jack, and, when it’s delivered, bitcoins are released.
It’s possible then to insert a discount over the stuff. For now I chose a 30% discount, maybe if tomorrow nobody got it, I’ll change it.
Will it work? We will see in the next days!