Free martingale gambling thinks that a martingale it’s a fast and easy way to make money. What’s that?
Simply speaking, it’s doubling the bet after a loss. It looks so easy
to win at this game, but, statistically, it’s not impossible to lose
ten times in a row, and the loss will become huge.
Anyways, if
you want to try, just created a free martingale. You get around 300 satoshi for free every hour, you can try to multiply them with
the free automatic martingale game.
It’s interesting to try it, because you can see how easily you can make money, but also you can see that you can lose the whole capital in a few seconds. Amazing.

Summer pause… or not?

Since right now everyone is going to holiday, I decided to pause all my Expert Advisors. In summer the volume is lower, the economic news are less, I’m in holiday also, and I don’t want the robot to read the signals wrongly.
Moreover, the revenue for the last year was… pitiful… honestly I have only Ray Scalper on my list, and it’s not exactly a champion…
I’m moving towards bitcoin trading, there’s more volatility and I can do manual trading more easily.
I’m not sure to turn on again the MetaTrader VPS again in september…
What do you think about this? Do you know some good EA?