Mt.Gox doesn’t pay, bitcoin tanks

Have you ever searched how much is a bitcoin worth? If you did it, probably you would have noticed that Mt. Gox valutation is much higher than other exchanges, in average up to 20% more. This not only recently, but it was always like this. In fact, Mt. Gox only did up to 25 bank transfers daily, meaning that if you asked today, you would have got the money after six months!
Today they totally blocked the cash withdrawals, and bitcoins withdrawals are also having some problems.
So, panic, and the bitcoin value is tanking.
Will it be back? Well, on bitcoin you can see the whole orderbook, and you can see that there are “buy” orders for thousands and thousands of dollars, in order to get a “discounted” bitcoin. After all there are only 12,3 millionsavailable right now, and no more than 23 millions can be minted. It’s a rare asset, and it’s in the human nature to hoard it as much as possible

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