Scared me!

I was giving a last glance to Twitter just before going to sleep, when I read this:
OHMYGOD! All bitcoin private keys leaked??? How that could happen??
I got goosebumps! If a private key of a wallet is leaked, it means everyone can take possess of the coins inside! And, if this is true, it means now the bitcoin value is ZERO! With my heart beating very fast, I check the price on Mtgox… it’s still around $1000… weird? I copy a private key and I try to import that wallet on mine: ERROR!
I feel relieved! It’s just a joke!
But… maybe… someone could actually believe it… and the value of a bitcoin could fall!

Ps: I rented a 6 GH/s ASIC miner for 24 hour, soon I’ll write results!

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