Where to download the latest version of MetaTrader 4?

Well… you can download MetaTrader 4 everywhere.
Anyway, for a newbie is unclear which is the right download and the latest version.

For the latest version: you’re safe! The installer it’s just a downloader that will install the latest version on your PC.
For the right download, every brokerage company has a custom version: the difference is the server login address and the icon design. Which to choose? There are hundreds out there!
And if you want to create a demo account, every broker has different rules.
I tried many brokers and I recommend two of them:
If you want to have access to ZuluTrade, I suggest AAAFx. Their demo accounts have unlimited duration, provided that you connect at least once every two weeks. They don’t apply a commission on every trade, but their spread is higher than ECN brokers.

Download AAAFx MetaTrader 4

If you want to have low spreads, I suggest FXPRIMUS ECN Pro, the minimum account size is $100 (in average, an ECN account requires a bigger account size, around $500-$1000). Their demo accounts last 60 days. Doesn’t fit with automated scalping because the stop level it’s too high.

Download FXPRIMUS MetaTrader 4

Otherwise there’s IC Markets,
that also has an ECN account with a minimum size not too big. Doesn’t fit with automated scalping because in that case there’s too much slippage.

Scarica IC Markets MetaTrader 4

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