I kick myself for bitcoins

Some years ago, when the bitcoin value was around a dollar, I told myself “what about if I buy something like thirty dollars?”.
Then, making a digital wallet looked complicated, and it seemed ridiculous to pay for having some potentially useless “bits”, so I didn’t jump on the wagon.
Now a bitcoin is worth around $700, and my $30 would have become $21000…
I always considered it as a speculatory bubble, as I wrote last april, with frequent “robberies” and hacker attacks that influenced its value, but now I regret to not being an “early adopter”, the price is too high now, and it’s impossible to generate them by yourself without an expensive custom processor (ASIC).
But, maybe, if I had bought them, I would have just sold them when their price rose, just after a while, or maybe I would have been robbed in one of those many attacks to the virtual bitcoin “banks”. (A real bank is insured and your money isn’t touched, a bitcoin bank… well… say farewell to your possessions…)

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