How to pay rent with Forex?

How many times we saw an advert like this? Just trade for a few hours in a week and you can pay your rent, it’s a child play!
I wonder why people is so dumb, and continue to work, if it’s that easy to make money!
The awful truth is that binary options are gambling, that the “100% safe” strategies they are pushing, aren’t that safe either. They just say: if trend is negative, sell, if trend is positive, buy; analyze the 5 minutes history for deciding the trend….
What those ads really care is that we open a new account, so they show how it’s easy to make money with a few clicks and no effort. Maybe they can even say that a cat pushing random keys can make $1000 a week!
Maybe it’s not the broker that is making the advert, like those “how to make $210 in 15 minutes” videos, where he ends the video saying “this hack works only with 24Option” or “I saw it works best on Plus500”. You sign up, and he takes a share of your wins losses.
The only way to pay the rent with Forex is to invest at least $50000. If you are good you can make a monthly 3%, that means $1500 (then you have to pay taxes on them); if you aren’t good you will lose them all…
The problem is that, since this kind of investment is extremely risky, you have to invest only “useless” money, something that you can afford to lose. Never take a loan! It’s true that, if you are good, you can make a yearly 40% and easily repay intesters, but it’s also true that if you aren’t good you will lose everything. Sh*t happens, nowadays a tweet can move the market unpredictably, and you can lose a lot.

Helping people to get cheap hospital treatment

I just received a fun spam mail. It said that there was a way to make $2000 in a month helping poor individuals that couldn’t afford medical treatments.
Wonderful, I said, and I immediately answered from my fake email account. Finally I have the chance to make a boat of money without effort and helping people! Wow!
After a few minutes they told me that there are some poor individuals that don’t have money to pay for hospital treament, but there are some philantropist that are willing to pay for them!
Unfortunately, those poor guys don’t have a bank account, so they can’t receive donations…
So, that’s the job: you receive thousands in your account, then withdraw all keeping a 10%, and then send via Western Union to those poor guys.
The problem is: who is sending this money?
It’s not sent by a philantropist, but from a stolen bank account. The scammer feel safe because will receive money anonymously and can’t be traced, while you are going to have a bad time. If you are lucky, the bank simply takes that money back (at your expense). If you are unlucky, you will have some years of jail time for money laundering…