My dreams…

According to some calculations that someone gave me two years ago when I started to use ZuluTrade, now I should be enjoying my millions in an exclusive resort, drinking a margarita on Miami Beach.
Instead, all my ZuluTrade accounts, after a well start, all had a spectacular crash and burn, like this russian rocket.
Maybe I didn’t choose the right signals? Do you know a safe and good one? What do you think about this?

14 thoughts on “My dreams…”

  1. how about you follow them for a month then change to the next good one and the story goes on. You cant ask for stability in forex markets afterall. otherwise go trade bonds and stuff.

  2. so magnetic dude what happened?
    you changed your mind or what? hope you are happy pipping on zulutrade, like the rest of us 🙂

  3. Among the least risky on Zulu with good profit potential check Signal Provider: Forex Intervention. Sets stop losses, very rarely opens more than 2 contracts simultaneously,

  4. You will never find a signal which will make you money all the time…. Just find good signal providers from all platforms like zulutrade, etoro, tradecrowd etc etc. lets say you have a list of 50 signal provider who are doing good in their trading…. Just split your capital into 50 and invest accordingly … you wont become millionaire with this…. but for damn sure get consistent profit without analyzing market… two things two should note.. follow all 50 signals closely and remove them from the list if they start losing and also look for signal much more better performance add them….

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