What do you get when you download a scam app from a Facebook ad

Recently, when I go on Facebook, I find a lot of scam ads, like the one pictured on the right.
Make $431 23 minutes; no, make $700 in 5 minutes, download movies for free, download apps for free, download music for free, and so on
When you see an ad you have to remember that there is someone who paid thousands of dollars to show it to you.
If it’s really possible to make $700 in 5 minutes, why pay thousands of euro to teach the strategy to other people for free?? It’s because, the best way to make $700 in 5 minutes, it’s to persuade 100 people that’s possible and it’s easy to do.
However, the topic of this post isn’t binary options (I will talk about it in the next weeks), but how those “free” downloades are working.
If you want to know what happens when you click on the WhatsApp for PC ad, click here.Or, if you want to know what happens when you click on the GTA IV San Andreas ad, you can continue to read this post.

I click and download it:
From the digital signature, we can see that it’s NOT an official Rockstar Games app (they made GTA IV), but I will continue, so I run it.
After a short introduction, the setup wants to install a toolbar. With this, the scammer will make some cents every time we do a search on the net. I click on Advanced, then deselect all, then I click on DECLINE, otherwise, if we click on ACCEPT, it will be installed anyways. I click on DECLINE:
No! If you click on DECLINE, you get a popup, prompting you to install it, unless you press CANCEL:
Then we get other FOUR adwares, to help the scammer to make more money

Then, we get another one: (we still have to press DECLINE)


And every time we get an “are you sure” confirmation, and we have to press CANCEL:

Then I get another adware:

And more….

And more!!!!!!!!!

AND MORE MORE MORE MOAR!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the download starts, 1.8 gigabytes!


When the install is done, it simply closes, there is no indication about what to do. Luckily, this was an empty computer for testing, so I noticed this file inside the Documents folder:
I open it with 7zip, but I don’t find anything useful inside!!! It’s just a GTA IV mod that can be freely downloaded from http://gtaivsa.com/. (The Liberty City/New York map will be replaced with a San Andreas/Los Angeles map). Without having a working copy of GTA IV already installed on your PC, this file is completely useless!!


So, the scammer tricked us to install TWELVE adwares, with FOUR toolbars and FOUR fake “speedup” programs, that will bring your computer performance to its knees, but don’t worry: one of them can remove the junk you just installed for a small fee…

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