I quit using NumberOne

Last night NumberOne one EURJPY did a disaster, losing 20% in a few hours. It’s not small money!
On another account, Not_MaloMax, a free and opensource EA “written in 5 minutes” that works similarly to NumberOne, made a whopping 40%. But that was a small account… 🙁
Two months ago it wasn’t profitable because at that time the market required in-trend mode. Now it wants counter-trend. Today sensitivity must be set to 30 pip on EURUSD, tomorrow at 40, the day after tomorrow backtests are saying that with 25 we can have the best result…
I can’t foresee the future, with this market conditions and with MetaTrader it’s not possible to make impulsive scalping. I have a dedicated server, with much more “raw” power than a normal VPS, a very low ping, so it should work very well.

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