Open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo account – updated 2013

Last year I wrote a guide about how to open an unlimited ZuluTrade demo.
The problem is that meanwhile the website had a redesign and it looks like it’s not possible anymore.
Instead, it’s still possible to open unlimited demos, to follow signals and try their strategies in long term. And it’s even easier! Here is how to do:
First of all you need a main demo account: open one through this link. This account will be the unlimited one, so choose the desidered equity and leverage. Insert a real email, because you have to receive an activation code.
Activate the account by clicking in the email you received and voilà, we are in our demo account, enabled and operating!
As you can see, it looks like it’s going to expire in 30 days. Now go to the “invite” tab, and copy the link that is in the email body
Now you have to logout from ZuluTrade, otherwise the next step will fail. I repeat: press “logout” on top right and exit the session.

Go to the link that you just copied, for example and follow the same steps to open a new demo account. (If we used the same email to register the two demo accounts, a dropdown menu will appear, to switch between them.)

As you see, the second demo account will expire in 29 days.
Now, logout and login to the first demo account. When it will expire? Here it is:
The first demo account we opened has become unlimited!!!
Great, right?

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