Last three weeks for H-E Spider

H-E Spider it’s a very interesting EA that I was about to buy, in fact in drafts I had a “what do you think about it?” post.
I know many people that use it with success and I see good results. A friend of mine bought it and recouped its cost in just a month with a $2000 account! Not bad!
It opens 4-5 trades every month, but it’s very accurate, targeting 40 pips, if you enable automatic allocation, it’s 1 microlot every 80 dollars.
Unfortunately, I just discovered that on 15th May it will removed from sales, new customers can use only the PAMM…
This EA sells for $250 + $50 yearly.
For whom is interested to buy it, I have three coupon codes, to insert in the shopping cart that will be opened from this link. (Note: this coupons codes are also shared with my Italian site + other forums, so act quickly 😉 )

15% Discount FORE-5LXJ-HSVM – 0 uses left
10% Discount FORE-9C23-CYRC – 5 uses left
5% Discount FORE-2XUN-CHTL – 10 uses left

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