ZuluTrade – March 2013

In this month I got a good result with ZuluTrade. The signals from FE were disappointing, but in average it was good. This is the breakdown:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

In the past months, it never happened to have a such bad result on all three at the same time! And of course, when it happens? When I raise the lots on them… but I believe that in April they will recover the losses.
I noticed, though, that there were “strange” trades, or duplicated ones, I have the feeling that they manually fiddled with the system for that stupid ZuluTrade new policy that will cancel rebates to signals when the month has a negative balance – since they have many followers, the would have renounced to a lot of money, so they might have manually interfered with trades to get …

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +33 pip
    I changed the strategy to risk less, I open just two trades daily, instead of three, and my target is more pips per trade. If you wano cambiato la strategia per rischiare di meno, invece di tre trade, adeso ne apre due, puntando a un risultato maggiore. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -160 pip
    Shoot! Two negative months in a row! It was so good in the past!
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +697 pip
    Whoa!!!! Wonderful!!! After a great month like this, I am expecting a (short) drawdown perdiod. You have to be careful with money management though: is a grid, if you follow with to many lots it can make a disaster – don’t assign
    too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

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