How does MT4 runs in Linux

In my last post I wondered: what if MT4 on Linux runs better?

For doing this I used CrossOver Office: it’s not free, but it’s WAY easier to use compared to Wine or PlayOnLinux.
I moved half terminals on Linux and half were left on Windows (it’s the kvm process on the top on the list) – the CPU usage it’s almost the same. What changes is the multi-core management: in my opinion it’s way more efficient. In fact, from the top command (shown above), if you press f and then j you can see on which core the terminals are running: the Windows “block” is running on the same core, while the others are always changing.
The result is that when I connect through remote desktop during rush hours, I feel that the server it’s much more responsive.
Maybe it’s just a placebo, but it works better than expected, in my opinion.
Right now all my EAs are working except:
  • Ray Scalper (it gives an error while opening the anti-piracy authentication dll)
  • NMi Scalper (its anti-piracy protection says that the license is expired)
  • NumberOne (you can only install it on three different computers, I’m not gonna waste an install code just for an experiment)

But this was expected: anti-piracy protections are obfuscated and use undocumented methods and interfaces: it’s hard to make them run correctly under an interpreter.

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