100% bonus with Ava FX

Yay! Ava FX announced that, for a limited time, will give a 100% bonus to new accounts. (I won’t link to their page because I don’t want that one of my readers will accidentally believe this sh*t and join them)
So, if I deposit 5000 euro, I get 10000 euro on my account, Wonderful, right?
But, reading fine print, we discover that, to withdraw it, you have to trade TEN LOTS FOR EACH EURO of the bonus.
So, if you got a 5000 euro bonus, until you traded 50000 lots, you can’t withdraw a single euro of it.
With this policy, they could even give a 1000% bonus, it’s virtually impossible to make a such huge trading volume on a small account!
Expecially on Ava FX, because it has high spread and extremely bad trading conditions.

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