ZuluTrade – March 2013

In this month I got a good result with ZuluTrade. The signals from FE were disappointing, but in average it was good. This is the breakdown:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

In the past months, it never happened to have a such bad result on all three at the same time! And of course, when it happens? When I raise the lots on them… but I believe that in April they will recover the losses.
I noticed, though, that there were “strange” trades, or duplicated ones, I have the feeling that they manually fiddled with the system for that stupid ZuluTrade new policy that will cancel rebates to signals when the month has a negative balance – since they have many followers, the would have renounced to a lot of money, so they might have manually interfered with trades to get …

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +33 pip
    I changed the strategy to risk less, I open just two trades daily, instead of three, and my target is more pips per trade. If you wano cambiato la strategia per rischiare di meno, invece di tre trade, adeso ne apre due, puntando a un risultato maggiore. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -160 pip
    Shoot! Two negative months in a row! It was so good in the past!
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +697 pip
    Whoa!!!! Wonderful!!! After a great month like this, I am expecting a (short) drawdown perdiod. You have to be careful with money management though: is a grid, if you follow with to many lots it can make a disaster – don’t assign
    too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

A bank transfer scam

When I am bored, I answer to scam emails (I use a dedicated “junk” gmail for that)
Some time ago, an alleged billionaire, old and dying, sent me an email, saying that she has a lot of money in an African bank to give to a random person in the world, so I said that I am interested!
I answered giving my name, mobile phone number and bank data (all fictitious; the mobile phone number is a SIM card that I got as a freebie in an Xmas cake).
The old lady told me that she would send me 3800 euro, as soon as possible!
Yay! Free money!
After a few days I get an email from bnpparibasabidjan@ymail.com saying that the bank transfer is ready to be sent, but there are 885 euro of taxes to be paid via Western Union. (Maybe BNP Paribas it’s a small bank, they don’t accept bank transfers? LOL)
Oh noes! My free money!
I reply: “How I can know that this is not a scam? Can I get a certificate?”
After a few hours I get this certificate:
I don’t know about you, but to my eyes this is screaming “HEYYYY I AM A SCAMMMMMMM”
It’s a Photoshop Master as this:
I took a 10 minutes pause to stop laughing and I answer: “seems legit, can you call me tomorrow to discuss payment details?
The day after, at 7.30 AM I get a phone call on my mobile (a call to an italian mobile phone number costs a lot!! Even if he is using Skype, he is paying 15 cent/minute!)
I say: “Mr. XXX is busy now, can you wait for a while?” I place the phone near to the radio speakers playing a song and I go to have breakfast.
When I am back, he is still waiting! “Hi, I am sorry, but Mr. XXX is still busy, please try again tomorrow”,I say, hanging up.
Later I write him an email, saying that, as we agreed by phone call, they can send the 3800 euro minus the 885 fee, without sending the “tax” money in a separate payment.
He didn’t answer me…
I also sent an email to the old granny saying to send me money via Western Union instead of bank transfer, but she also didn’t reply… maybe she died… hahaha
To my eyes, this is a blatant scam, but, when I showed the fake certificates to my colleagues, they said it looked legitimate… so I write what’s wrong and what should play the “scam alert” in your head:
  1. A billionaire that gives free money to a stranger – it’s wonderful but this happens only in dreams.
  2. A bank that sends email using Yahoo Mail (@ymail.com) – a custom domain costs $10/year, no bank in the world is so poor unprofessional to use a free account.
  3. A bank that asks money via Western Union – a bank that doesn’t accepts bank transfers? What?
  4. Asking money to send money – Why they can’t just send less money? Real banks do like this. When I withdrew from Pepperstone, the intermediary bank took, without asking me, a 10% fee (Aaaaaaaaaaa! 10% to bank, 20% in taxes, 30 euro to Pepperstone for fees, I got just 25 euro left for six months trading…)
  5. The BNP Paribas logo in the “certificate” is deformed and pixelated, it’s not compliant with the brand guidelines.
  6. BNP Paribas is written as “BNP Pari bas”
  7. The “certificate” is made with PowerPoint, with fake WordArt stamps: it doesn’t make sense

100% bonus with Ava FX

Yay! Ava FX announced that, for a limited time, will give a 100% bonus to new accounts. (I won’t link to their page because I don’t want that one of my readers will accidentally believe this sh*t and join them)
So, if I deposit 5000 euro, I get 10000 euro on my account, Wonderful, right?
But, reading fine print, we discover that, to withdraw it, you have to trade TEN LOTS FOR EACH EURO of the bonus.
So, if you got a 5000 euro bonus, until you traded 50000 lots, you can’t withdraw a single euro of it.
With this policy, they could even give a 1000% bonus, it’s virtually impossible to make a such huge trading volume on a small account!
Expecially on Ava FX, because it has high spread and extremely bad trading conditions.

Big MetaTrader update

Today I got the notification for the update of the build 482 for MetaTrader 4.

Actually, it was released two weeks ago, brokers tested it before making available to customers.
There are three major improvements:
  1. Now the terminal can have up to eight parallel trading operations, making it better for multipair scalpers; until now they gave the infamous “trade context busy” error.
  2. One-click manual trading by pressing ALT+T
  3. Screenshots with automatic upload on mql5.com
The update wasn’t painless, both LMAX and ILQ sent me emails warning about the problem: some trades could not be visible.

One month with Ray Scalper

A month ago I set up Ray Scalper, how it’s going? It had a great start and for now it’s profitable.

To be honest, some trades are questionable: it likes to open trades just before the closing time on Friday. Sometimes this leads to a loss, sometimes it doesn’t. I guess the programmers have seen in backtast that in long run it is profitable?
I am using default settings, with automatic money management.
I have a 15% discount coupon code on my Facebook fan page valid until the end of March, then it will become a 10% one.

Forexperiments on BlackBerry

Well, I published it two months ago but I forgot to write about it here on the blog: the official Forexperiments app is available free and ad-free on BlackBerry World. It shows the latest artibles and the latest posts on the Facebook fan page.
It works on every BlackBerry phone or tablet, from the old and cheap Curve to the recent Z10.
If you think that’s useful I can do it also for Android, as I did for my other website, even though I hate Java (the programming language that you have to use for apps) hence I am a little bit lazy to do it.

AvaFX has been hacked?

I just received this email from AvaFX:

Uhm… there is something wrong. Why they should change the password for every user while the market is open? If it’s just a security routine, why they did not warn me, or why they did not change it on saturday morning? It looks like they have been hacked and they were forced to issue a site-wide password reset, exactly as Evernote did a few days ago.

ZuluTrade – February 2013

This month ended positively with the signals I follow on ZuluTrade. Here they are:

Signals that I recommend on a live account:

A lot of pips with small drawdown! Great!

Signals to watch, maybe in an unlimited demo account:

  • BreakON +78 pip
    I am “biased” towards this signal – long term results are good, but you have to remember that in an unlucky day you can lose 30×3 pip. If you want to follow it, use the lot calculator or set 0.01 lot for each $250.
  • Signal Palyer -36 pip
    In the beginning was great, now is a bit disappointing, but I like how he can manage losing trades
  • TotalGrid 2.0 +133 pip
    This signal has a great yield, but is a grid, with a wrong money management it can make a disaster – don’t assign too many (micro) lots – I suggest 0.01 for each $500.

How does MT4 runs in Linux

In my last post I wondered: what if MT4 on Linux runs better?

For doing this I used CrossOver Office: it’s not free, but it’s WAY easier to use compared to Wine or PlayOnLinux.
I moved half terminals on Linux and half were left on Windows (it’s the kvm process on the top on the list) – the CPU usage it’s almost the same. What changes is the multi-core management: in my opinion it’s way more efficient. In fact, from the top command (shown above), if you press f and then j you can see on which core the terminals are running: the Windows “block” is running on the same core, while the others are always changing.
The result is that when I connect through remote desktop during rush hours, I feel that the server it’s much more responsive.
Maybe it’s just a placebo, but it works better than expected, in my opinion.
Right now all my EAs are working except:
  • Ray Scalper (it gives an error while opening the anti-piracy authentication dll)
  • NMi Scalper (its anti-piracy protection says that the license is expired)
  • NumberOne (you can only install it on three different computers, I’m not gonna waste an install code just for an experiment)

But this was expected: anti-piracy protections are obfuscated and use undocumented methods and interfaces: it’s hard to make them run correctly under an interpreter.