New negative record made by good good system

I don’t remember if I said somewhere, but, after a suggestion by a reader I followed good good system from 19th to 28th november 2012.
I made two euro, but I disabled it immediately (but I left it on my unlimited demo account): it’s unacceptable to have four identical trades open for a week with a 500 pip drawdown just to make 20 – it’s gambling!
Raise the stakes and continue to bet on the same direction is a very common behavior on ZuluTrade, but I never saw a disaster like this:
THIRTY trades, almost identical, opened very close one to each other! A monstrous, epic all-in of over 9200 pips!
And, probably, due to the new ZuluTrade policy to give commissions to signals only if the have a positive monthly balance, those trades will be left in the wild until the beginning of march, otherwise the signal will lose the juicy rebates: in this case, with a lot of trades and hundreds of followers we are talking about thousands of di euro.
What’s better? Burn followers’ account, or renounce to 2-3000 euro of commissions?

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