It’s impossible to make money with ZuluTrade if your broker is AvaFX

Last year, enticed by the deposit bonus, I opened an account with AvaFx. The results were AWFUL.
It did not matter which signal I was following, over long term I was losing money, due to the high spread (twice than “similar” brokers and 8-10 times higher than ECN brokers) and the large stop level – their customer support did not tell me its value, but it looks like it’s 15-20 pip. Not every trade can be a 100 pip one! I don’t have a crystal ball to consult!
However, I continued to use them to test my signal BreakON.
Yesterday, there was a big bump (it could be bigger if FXDD, the broker that I use to send signals, did not block the third trade for an off quotes error…)
This is the result that I got on FXDD:
And this is the result that I got with AvaFx:
Hey, it’s 70 pip less!
What the….! It’s impossible to make money in this way.
What happened is that AvaFx rejected an update of the jumping trailing stop, leaving at the previous value. If I was doing manual trading with MetaTrader or other platforms, it wouldn’t be a big matter, but it’s not possible to do mirror trading with a broker like this! I can accept a 5 pip difference, but not SEVENTY!
Yet, if you search on Google, in the first results they describe themselfes as “the best ZuluTrade broker”..


8 thoughts on “It’s impossible to make money with ZuluTrade if your broker is AvaFX”

    1. I would agree the fact that it's internal means there is basically no latency between ZuluTrade and the AAAFx servers which means those using AAAFx suffer almost no slippage. While some brokers come close AAAFx are definitely the best brokerage for those of us who use ZuluTtade.

  1. ZuluTrade certainly does work and I would agree that AAAFx is the best brokerage to use with a ZuluTrade account. Due to the fact that AAAFx has the best integration with the ZuluTrade platform meaning the least slippage and no commissions on ZuluTrade positions. AVAFX and some of the brokerages will make it more difficult to make money with ZuluTrade. However I use other brokerages for non automated trading.

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