I bought Ray Scalper

Yesterday I bought Ray Scalper. I was watching it from some time, then I got a discount code to get it at a special price.
What I think about it? I like it!
The antipiracy activation it’s a bit “primitive”, you have to send an email to support asking to bind it to your account number, there isn’t an activation program or a web panel like on other EA, but in the end what really matters is that it works. Other ways to protect software from piracy maybe are more sophisticated, but will use more memory and more CPU time, what I really care about it’s making money, haha.
However, how does it work? I installed it yesterday and it started greatly!
Despite the name, I don’t understand what’s the “scalper” in it, it kept the first trade open for the whole night, and the other made 40 pips – usually scalping is making a few pips in a short time, right?
I won’t comment further, it’s too early and usually I bring bad luck, so…

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