Extreme slippage on IC Markets

Two weeks ago I opened an account with IC Markets to use it with NumberOne.
The first week I kept it at minimum risk, to see how it was performing: it was doing great, hence I raised the lots.
But this week was awful, I got extreme slippages!
Both on opening
2013.02.05 16:10:07   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 5,7 pips.
2013.02.05 16:10:30   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 3,1 pips.
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 2,8 pips.
And in closing
2013.02.05 16:10:10   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 7.6 pips
2013.02.07 13:42:48   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 2.1 pips
2013.02.07 14:23:01   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 4.1 pips
What could be a nice win, thanks to slippage become an huge loss!
Even if the latest version is smart and detects big slippages:
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Adjusting the Stop-to-Market open slippage stop loss & take profit values.
in the end the result was negative. For now I will pause my trading at IC Markets and I will watch what will happen. I am angry.

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