What if MT4 runs better on a Linux server?

Today I was playing around to optimize the CPU usage on my VPS: MetaTrader uses a lot of it even while on weekends and by night, when it’s not in use:

Something that’s not widely known is that most of Windows VPS are actually emulated by Linux servers. On each Linux server there are 20-25 separated instances of Windows (according to the subscription price), they run completely virtualized: an huge waste of resources.
Instead, a Linux server can be virtualized in a “container”, with native access to resources, without overhead. I did an experiment: on the same Linux computer I measured the network latency of a virtualized Windows server and the network latency of a Linux “container”:

The linux VPS has less latency compared to the Windows one, because it doesn’t have to emulate a full operating system.
What’s good about a Linux VPS is:

  • It’s at least $15 monthly cheaper (it’s the cost of the Windows Server 2008 license)
  • Since it uses less resources, you can take a less powerful one, saving on subscription
What’s bad about it is:
  • “Hybrid” EA like NumberOne will never work on Linux+Wine (it does not work even on XP)
  • Linux is more complicated
  • Some sellers are putting up to 250 VPS on the same server, with obvious drop in performance.
  • If the seller did not configure the container very well, hackers can “make a hole” on the container “walls” and access your files

New negative record made by good good system

I don’t remember if I said somewhere, but, after a suggestion by a reader I followed good good system from 19th to 28th november 2012.
I made two euro, but I disabled it immediately (but I left it on my unlimited demo account): it’s unacceptable to have four identical trades open for a week with a 500 pip drawdown just to make 20 – it’s gambling!
Raise the stakes and continue to bet on the same direction is a very common behavior on ZuluTrade, but I never saw a disaster like this:
THIRTY trades, almost identical, opened very close one to each other! A monstrous, epic all-in of over 9200 pips!
And, probably, due to the new ZuluTrade policy to give commissions to signals only if the have a positive monthly balance, those trades will be left in the wild until the beginning of march, otherwise the signal will lose the juicy rebates: in this case, with a lot of trades and hundreds of followers we are talking about thousands of di euro.
What’s better? Burn followers’ account, or renounce to 2-3000 euro of commissions?

I bought Ray Scalper

Yesterday I bought Ray Scalper. I was watching it from some time, then I got a discount code to get it at a special price.
What I think about it? I like it!
The antipiracy activation it’s a bit “primitive”, you have to send an email to support asking to bind it to your account number, there isn’t an activation program or a web panel like on other EA, but in the end what really matters is that it works. Other ways to protect software from piracy maybe are more sophisticated, but will use more memory and more CPU time, what I really care about it’s making money, haha.
However, how does it work? I installed it yesterday and it started greatly!
Despite the name, I don’t understand what’s the “scalper” in it, it kept the first trade open for the whole night, and the other made 40 pips – usually scalping is making a few pips in a short time, right?
I won’t comment further, it’s too early and usually I bring bad luck, so…

It’s impossible to make money with ZuluTrade if your broker is AvaFX

Last year, enticed by the deposit bonus, I opened an account with AvaFx. The results were AWFUL.
It did not matter which signal I was following, over long term I was losing money, due to the high spread (twice than “similar” brokers and 8-10 times higher than ECN brokers) and the large stop level – their customer support did not tell me its value, but it looks like it’s 15-20 pip. Not every trade can be a 100 pip one! I don’t have a crystal ball to consult!
However, I continued to use them to test my signal BreakON.
Yesterday, there was a big bump (it could be bigger if FXDD, the broker that I use to send signals, did not block the third trade for an off quotes error…)
This is the result that I got on FXDD:
And this is the result that I got with AvaFx:
Hey, it’s 70 pip less!
What the….! It’s impossible to make money in this way.
What happened is that AvaFx rejected an update of the jumping trailing stop, leaving at the previous value. If I was doing manual trading with MetaTrader or other platforms, it wouldn’t be a big matter, but it’s not possible to do mirror trading with a broker like this! I can accept a 5 pip difference, but not SEVENTY!
Yet, if you search on Google, in the first results they describe themselfes as “the best ZuluTrade broker”..


Extreme slippage on IC Markets

Two weeks ago I opened an account with IC Markets to use it with NumberOne.
The first week I kept it at minimum risk, to see how it was performing: it was doing great, hence I raised the lots.
But this week was awful, I got extreme slippages!
Both on opening
2013.02.05 16:10:07   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 5,7 pips.
2013.02.05 16:10:30   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 3,1 pips.
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Unfavorable Stop-to-Market open slippage= 2,8 pips.
And in closing
2013.02.05 16:10:10   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 7.6 pips
2013.02.07 13:42:48   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 2.1 pips
2013.02.07 14:23:01   Unfavorable Stop Loss close slippage = 4.1 pips
What could be a nice win, thanks to slippage become an huge loss!
Even if the latest version is smart and detects big slippages:
2013.02.07 13:42:44   Adjusting the Stop-to-Market open slippage stop loss & take profit values.
in the end the result was negative. For now I will pause my trading at IC Markets and I will watch what will happen. I am angry.

ZuluTrade – January 2013

January is over, let’s see how the signals I follow on ZuluTrade performed.

Signals that I follow live


FE – Trend Scalper made just two pips, I hoped better, but it’s a low risk strategy that should repay on long term.


BreakON, my signal, had, for two consecutive times, the rare double 180 pip stop loss, nullifying what I made in a month – I am very angry because I send it from a live account and I also follow it on my real account – I lost money twice. I hope in February…

Signals to watch

During February I will watch Signal Palyer. Looks safe, every evening places two pending orders that should follow the trend. I like this idea.Watch also TotalGrid, a grid system Made in Italy that had wonderful results in the last week! Be careful though, it’s a grid system, it can burn your account if you allocate too many lots. The programmer himself suggests to allocate 0.01 lot every $500.

The other FE Software signals are not bad too: FE – Asys Trend and FE – Euro Fibo, but I did not try them in demo or live yet.