The stock market

Reading an old DecisionBar manual, I found this screenshot:

Shows the Apple ticket at $7.34… it looks almost impossible, if you think that today it’s quoted at $500 per share… and in year 2005 it had a split, doubling its value (if in 2002 you bought a share for $8, today it will be worth $1000).
Let’s continue a previous post, on the same manual I found a screenshot for RIMM, the maker of the BlackBerry, once the smartphone market leader.
In september its value was a tenth of this!
If you know the rules and have the right timing, you can make a lot of money with stocks, even, honestly, I prefer to stay out of this, after an huge hit taken for the 9/11… yes, many years were passed, but when I think to it I feel uncomfortable…
Anyway, if you like stocks, I suggest to buy RIMM, on 30th january they will introduce BlackBerry 10 and the new Z10 smartphone, I have a prototype and it’s very innovative.

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